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Why Must We Educate Our Own Children: (Nation Building)

In today’s society we as a people have been brainwashed into abdicating the responsibility of educating our own children to another people. When we abdicate our rights to another people, it is total destruction.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh teaches His disciples and followers to practice charity and benevolence, to protect chastity, to respect the ties of blood and friendship, to adopt the principles and revere the laws of Yahweh, to assist the feeble, guide and open the eyes of the blind, heal the ears of the deaf, raise up the oppressed and downtrodden, shelter the widow and the orphan, guard the altar of Yahweh, support the government of Yahweh, inculcate morality, promote learning, love moral men, fear Yahweh, implore His mercy, work for happiness, and be industrious.

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The enemies of YAHWEH have taken prayer and the Bible out of the schools and have assumed the role as the creator, thereby raising a generation of “rebels.” These schools are run by the state, allowing no possible way to introduce YAHWEH and His superior laws. No knowledge of YAHWEH laws creates an atmosphere of lawless people.

Children of this country are taught by people with a Luciferian philosophy and mindset, causing our children to come out of school with inferior ideas and concepts of individualism. This is all because the enemies of YAHWEH are in charge of this nation. If the people in charge of education were friends of YAHWEH, then the educational system would be godly. The state is godless.

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The state is anti-Christ, yet supposedly walks in the belief of Christ. The state has power over the Christian god but at the same time says it is separate. Ethics is a law of YAHWEH. The state does not teach ethics. In fact, God is separated from the state.

When we leave the education of our children up to another nation, they turn into stubborn and rebellious sons (Deuteronomy 21:18-21). They are programmed to be stubborn to their God and own kind. They are taught not to be free men but “beasts of burden,” unable to think and be creative. They are taught only to build under the master’s direction.

When our children become stubborn and rebellious, they make our enemies rich and YAHWEH is not among them.

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