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Those who work in the garden or on the balcony beautify their surroundings and do something for their fitness and soul.

Five good reasons to pick up the shovel and start gardening:

1. Gardening for a Healthy Heart

Gardening is like moderate cardio exercise. Even if you don’t necessarily work up a sweat, it still stimulates blood circulation and thus positively affects the heart.

2. Gardening works the muscles

When working in the garden, your whole body is used, and you use a lot of muscles: you lift, bend down, push, and dig, and so on. So if you are regularly active in the garden, you can save yourself the gym, at least in summer. Because gardening effectively trains muscles that are used in everyday life. In addition, you consume a lot of calories.

3. Gardening makes you happy

Scientists have long since found out that nature and green spaces are good for the body and soul. The green, the many colors, and the soothing sounds of nature have a relaxing effect, lower blood pressure and relieve pain. Gardening also has a meditative character through sowing, planting, and digging in the earth with your hands. Thus, it helps to reduce stress even more effectively and ensures a good mood.

4. Gardening strengthens our senses

When working in the garden, the senses of smell, hearing, and touch are used; we practice balance, stretch, and stretch ourselves. Our body actively remembers what it was built for. In this way, we come into harmony with our being and our possibilities, which promote creativity. Taking in the many impressions while working in the garden is a balm for our senses.

5. Healthy home-grown food

Those who also plant fruit or vegetables and not just flowers benefit twice: There is also healthy food in addition to fitness and relaxation. Because with everything we grow ourselves, we know exactly where it comes from and that no harmful chemicals have been used. And now let’s be honest: Your own tomatoes or strawberries taste best!

Happy gardening
Gardening spending quality time at home together feeling Happy.

A few little tips about the garden

Many hobby gardeners believe that their plants will do better with plenty of fertilizer. But this does not apply to all plants because every plant has its own needs, which cannot be changed even with over-fertilization. Always read and follow the dosing recommendations on the label.

Bamboo and rhododendron

Many garden owners also like to plant bamboo in their garden, but they often do not think about the consequences because the bamboo spreads uncontrollably if it is not kept within its limits by means of a special foil.
Anyone who has previously broken off the dried-up rhododendron flowers can save themselves the work in the future because azaleas and small-flowered rhododendrons themselves repel their flowers in the course of the summer.

Suitability of garden soil for potted plants

The question often arises whether garden soil can also be used for potted plants, but this has to be answered with “no” because a special soil ensures that the plants can better absorb water and oxygen for their roots.

Beneficial insects

Now to the useful animals in the garden, because the ladybird is considered an “aphid hunter,” but only if it is also a native variety such as the seven-spotted ladybird. We now also have the Asian ladybird, but it also eats the larvae of the local ladybird.

Why does gardening make you happy?

Happy People
Happy people standing together

Working out and toning your muscles will lift your spirits. But gardening does more for your psyche: “The positive effects of spending time in the country have been known since ancient times.
In the garden, you are not only doing something good for your body but also for your soul, for these three reasons:

1. When gardening, you create something

Clear, you also “create” something with Excel tables and presentations on the job. But to work with your hands, to see a result immediately or sometimes not until the next autumn, and to enjoy the literal fruits of your efforts has a very special quality. In the garden, you are in control, see, feel or smell the results of your work, are creative and productive.

“In various studies, the effect of garden therapy was able to help, among other things, in work with people with addictions or depressive moods or children with
behavioral problems.

2. You can be yourself in the garden

The special thing about the garden is that it does not impose expectations and that you are so free to design.
A wonderful opportunity to reflect on yourself using specific examples: Are you more pragmatic? Then you will enjoy crops like herbs and vegetables. If you like to observe and have an eye for the aesthetic, you can create a flower bed.

Do you like to let things run their course in an enchanted garden, or do you like it neatly with a neatly cut lawn? Or you can try the opposite of your habits: “You can also discover new aspects of yourself and, for example, create a minimalist rock garden as a rather chaotic person.

3. Gardening relieves stress

The boss pissed you off today, stuck in a traffic jam again? In the garden, you have the opportunity to relieve yourself of your everyday frustration: Either you rush into the bed with this pent-up energy and a spade and dig the stress out of your body – or maybe you harvest a few herbs, smell a flower, or water yours Tomatoes and realize that there are more important things in the world. “Exhausting activities are wonderfully suited to unloading pent-up emotions. Concentrating on more delicate tasks or sensory impressions brings calm to thoughts and creates distance from everyday events.

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