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Gardening is the activity or recreation of growing plants such as flowers, shrubs, and trees. Some people also have gardens where they cultivate veggies or fruit. People garden in their backyards, in pots or containers on their balconies, or in containers on their balconies.

Gardening is very extensive and includes many different activities. Anyone who has a garden knows a thing or two about the fact that there is always something to do. A wide variety of aids are used and so that the work bears fruit, at best you stick to the classic gardening tips for the whole year.

For a beautiful garden

Your own garden offers many possibilities:

  • Exercise in the fresh air
  • Harvesting your own fruits and vegetables
  • A place for a garden or barbecue party
  • A playground for the kids or just
  • An oasis of well-being.
  • Work all year round.

But a garden also involves a lot of work; the garden owners can tell a song about it. There is always something to do all year round; even during the rest period in winter, there is still work to be done.

A beautiful garden is the pride of every garden owner. For many people, gardening is a nice hobby as well as a meaningful leisure activity. The garden becomes a refuge and offers a welcome change in hectic and fast-moving times. But such a handsome garden is no coincidence.

How much work a garden does depends on many different factors. On the one hand, it depends on the size of the garden. On the other hand, it also plays a role in how the garden is planned and laid out.

A large family garden that has to meet several needs and in which there is also a kitchen garden is, of course, more work than a small ornamental garden. Often there is still

  • A winter garden
  • A greenhouse or
  • Fruit and nut trees that require attention.

Lawn care is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gardening; throughout the summer months, this must be done on a frequent basis to ensure that the lawn flourishes and appears well-cared for. The edges of the lawn usually have to be cut by hand, and manual work is also required in places that are difficult to access, such as fences, walls, or under bushes where the lawnmower can no longer reach. The watering of the lawn can be done with explosives learning, or he must be sprayed regularly with the garden hose.

Care of bushes, shrubs, and hedges

what is gardening

Bushes, hedges, and shrubs require less care but must be in the fall or spring cut back to.

Some plants like box trees or harlequin willows need regular shaping to make them look
beautiful. Hedge trimmings, on the other hand, are allowed to grow wild but must also
be cut if they grow over fences or walls.

Care of the flower and vegetable beds

Flower beds need a lot of attention has here, sometimes almost daily cast – either with the watering can or with the garden hose. Regular weeding is the only way to make the bed look beautiful.

Roses, for example, require special care again. Wilted flowers have to be cut off so that new buds can come back.

Vegetable beds also require extensive care. In the summer months, in particular, watering the plants is probably the most work.

Harvest time

what is gardening

But then the time of harvest comes, and harvesting is really fun in the garden. With your own fruit and vegetables, you know where they come from and how they have been treated.

Preparing for winter

In autumn, the garden needs to be prepared for winter, and now you can plant bulbs for the coming spring. Trees, bushes, and hedges may have to be cut back.

Some plants need protection for the cold season. They must be covered with warming material.

Now is the time when a lot of leaves have to be swept together. In winter, the garden is usually quiet. The work does not start again until the spring, with the tree, hedge, bush, or bush cuttings, with sowing or planting flower bulbs. Usually, only after the ice saints are planted again.

Helpful tools for gardening

Mowing machine

As a rule, there is also a lawn in a garden. Depending on the size of the area, an electric lawnmower can make work much easier. Those that also have a collection box save the need to sweep the mown grass together.


In a garden, branches and twigs have to be cut off from time to time; a chopper is indispensable for this. It disposes of the branches in a biological way because it chops the branches and twigs into small pieces so that you have the starting material for composting or mulching.

Grass trimmer

An electric grass trimmer is mainly used around the edges and in places that the lawnmower cannot reach. It is mainly intended for problem areas, for example, on walls, fences, or under bushes. Even if the grass has gotten too high, it can be very useful.


An electric grass and shrub shear cut lawn edges, small-leaved hedges, bushes, and shrubs. Especially when you have box trees in your garden, for example, you can use such a device. The result usually falls out better than if you look in manual labor and a pruner struggling.

However, a pruner is one of the devices to which you cannot do without. A tree and lopper are also important when trees have to be pruned.

Weed cutter and broom

A so-called weeding cutter can make unpleasant weeding much easier. In order to loosen the soil effectively, you need a cultivator.

Spade, shovel, rake, and broom are part of the basic equipment of every gardener. A special rake or broom is useful for sweeping up grass clippings or leaves.

Small hand tools

For the work in the bed you need:

  • A small rake
  • A small shovel
  • A small leaf rake and
  • A little hoe.


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