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Wall Texture Designs for Your Bedroom

Finding the perfect wall texture designs for your bedroom is not a walk in the park. Modern construction methods have brought new and innovative ways to decorate your bedroom walls. And no, we are not talking about adding a painting or a mirror. We are talking about changing the texture of the wall to enhance the interior design.

Wall texture designs have become one of the most sought interior designs for most homes. They are usually created with the help of tools that add depth and effect to the wall textures.

A good wall texture design for the bedroom :

  • Makes the room more elegant and modern.
  • It creates a unique and stylish design in a bedroom.
  • The perfect wall texture hides errors that might have occurred during construction.
  • lastly, you are able to turn a dull room into a vibrant one with just a few wall texture designs.

There is no need for you to see all the uneven walls and mishaps that occurred during construction when you can hide all these imperfections with a few tools and materials.

If you ever felt like bringing your bedroom walls to life, here are the different wall texture designs you could use.

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Wall texture design for bedroom.

Before we dive into the different textures, here are a few tips to get you started on picking the perfect wall texture for your bedroom

  • If you want something subtle and easy on the eye, then use darker shades of paint to create the textures indicated below.
  • If your goal is something that looks natural, then opt for materials like wood and stone to try and replicate nature. This will instantly give your room a warm feeling every time someone walks in through the door.

1. Use the popcorn texture

This style is a great way to hide imperfections that might have occurred during construction. It can also be used to limit the amount of noise coming into the room from other places. So if you want a quiet and peaceful room, this is the design for you!

This wall texture design is easy to do and can be done by an amateur with no worries. The style was a hit in the early ’70s but it seems like it has been brought back to life.

For this technique you will need the following items;

  • An air compressor.
  • A Hopper gun.
  • Popcorn texture.

The texture uses a mix of drywall and polystyrene to create the design. It usually comes in white though the color can be changed through painting. It is also advisable to prime the wall first before starting the popcorn texture.

However, you should ensure you cover the surfaces you do not want to be textured since the design can be a little bit messy.

2. The Comb wall texture design.

Ever seen a comb that is used for the hair, well this style mimics this. The texture produces a series of repeated patterns through the creation of lines with different widths and heights.

For this technique you will need:

  • A Drywall compound.
  • A Roller.
  • A Trowel that has teeth like a hair comb.

You will use the roller to apply the drywall compound then use the trowel to create the comb-like designs on the wall. Ensure you use the trowel when the compound is still wet and leave it to dry for 24 hours to create an elegant finished look.

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3. Orange peel wall texture

You guessed it right, the technique resembles an orange peel. The wall however is primed first before doing the actual work. In this technique you will need:

  • Air compressor.
  • Drywall compound.
  • Hopper gun.

The dry compound is mixed with water first before it is poured into the hopper and then directly sprayed onto the wall. The compound should be left to dry for at least 24 hours before you can cover the wall with the paint you desire.

How do you make a wall texture design

You could use a trowel and dry compound for the combed texture. You could also use a paint roller and thinly mixed drywall compound for a slap brush texture.

What are some of the ways to add texture to an interior home wall design?

Use the popcorn textured design that’s simple and easy to do.
Use the sand swirl method to texturize your walls.

4. Try the knockdown wall texture design.

This technique is useful to create an old and rustic vibe on your bedroom walls. It is quite similar to an orange peel texture with an additional final step. After making an orange peel texture a knife is used to smoothen the peaks of the orange peel.

Most Importantly, you have to ensure you do not flatten the wall too early since it will ruin the design. The walls in this technique dry overnight before they can be painted over.

The design has an elegant and fresh finish and can create a good and modern feel in your bedroom.

5. Use the slap brush wall texture design on the wall

Sand swirl wall texture
Slap brush wall texture

This wall texture technique applies slap brushes in sections. For the technique to be done you will need the following:

  • Paint roller
  • Drywall compound that has been mixed thinly
  • Crows foot brush

The wall texture creates random lines leaving a unique design on your bedroom walls. It’s the perfect design for your bedroom if you are not very confident with using a spray gun but still wish to change up the interior design of your bedroom.

The slap brush textured design takes close to 24hrs to dry before painting and priming can be done to give an elegant finished look.

6. Slapbrush knockdown wall texture design

This technique not only uses the slap brush method but also the knockdown method. The lines created are usually wider compared to other techniques. For the texture to come out well you will need:

  • Roller
  • Slapbruh
  • knockdown knife
  • Drywall compound

The technique usually starts with covering each room with slap brushes before creating peaks with a knockdown knife.

7. Plastering

Plastering is another type of wall texture that gives you a smooth and elegant finish. If you want something unique which has been tried by many people but still remains a favorite to many then here is your answer. Plastering works fine with any type of surface is is quite cheap compared to other wall texture designs.

Plastered wall.

This technique will give you a smooth and elegant finish without you having to spend so much money. Moreover, you get the liberty to paint the walls and have a smooth finish for your bedroom.

8. Sand swirl textured walls

Last but not least, we have the sand swirl wall texture design. This style differs from others since it uses Pertile instead of Drywall compound. It also uses paintbrushes to make the swirls on the bedroom walls. The room is also left to dry for 24hrs before painting can be done.

You can easily create a cozy, chic, and elegant interior design for your bedroom with minimal effort. All you have to do is pick one of the designs indicated above to create a soothing and welcoming living space.

You could try these wall texture designs in your bedroom and tell us which on worked for you.



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