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What Are the Essential Objects for a Vintage Decoration?

There is nothing better than a vintage decoration to return to the 50s or 60s. Also called retro, the vintage style is an alliance of finesse and originality. The goal is not to adopt old-fashioned objects but to use your imagination to create a decor that is both retro and modern.

Vintage decor ideas for the living room

There are essential items to get for a vintage style in your living room.

Furnishing style

For furnishings, you can find on the market Formica stools with pastel-colored seats such as yellow, blue, pink, or green. Opt especially for the mismatched stools to recall the vintage atmosphere.


A rustic clock placed in the living room would be very much in the theme. These clocks are mostly rounding, made of metal or solid wood, with Roman numerals. They have everything to give you the impression of stopping time in the good old days.

Colors and lighting

vintage decoration
Photo by Freddie Martyn on Unsplash

The choice of lighting for retro air in the living room must be made with rigor. You can choose either main vintage light fixtures or retro accent light fixtures. Make a choice that perfectly matches the desired effect. When it comes to the main lighting, pendant lights like chandeliers are what you need. Floor lamps made of wood or metal are also very good accessories for accent lighting.

In terms of colors, bet on originality, whether it is the colors for the walls or for the furniture. For a vintage feel, it is advisable to favor fairly bright colors. For anyone with a penchant for the classic genre, they can always create a vintage touch with more subdued colors. Find suitable furniture and decorative objects, and you will feel at home.

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What decorating tips for a vintage bedroom?

The vintage style brings authenticity and charm to a room. Creating a nice and comfortable environment in your room ensures a restful night’s sleep. The selection of acceptable ornamental objects, on the other hand, is critical for achieving a satisfactory effect.

Natural and unprocessed materials

It is vital to choose raw materials in order to achieve a natural result. Brick, wood, natural fabrics, metal, and other materials are examples.

An old world map

A world map is a perfect choice for any travel and adventure enthusiast. You can find it in antique stores or in old bookstores.

Frames to embellish the bedroom walls

vintage decoration
Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

The frames hanging on the walls are a real classic for a 100% cozy bedroom. You can vary the sizes as well as the styles to have a more interesting effect. Family photos and works of art will find their place here.

Berber carpet

A carefully chosen rug will be perfect for a style that is both retro and bohemian. Berber rugs are generally quite soft and renowned for the originality they give to the decorated room.

Stripped light fixtures

The uncluttered hanging lamps are timeless. They give a retro touch to the whole room. It will be necessary to consider using it for this style of decoration.

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Tips for choosing and buying objects for industrial decoration

For such a decoration, it is essential to remove the partitions upstream. This will allow more space to create an atmosphere worthy of a New York loft. Then, it will be necessary to choose modern objects and without extravagance for a good industrial decoration.

What objects should you buy for an industrial living room style?

vintage decoration
Photo by Vicky Tran from Pexels

For a living room with industrial air, you have to opt for simplicity in the choice of your decorative items. This will make it possible to have a home that is at the same time authentic, modern, soft, and above all breathable.

The furniture of an industrial living room must be robust and, above all, functional. It is better if it is made of steel or wood. There is a dining room table on the market that combines the two materials. It would be ideal for making use of it. It is necessary to choose a large size and especially without ornaments. Leather or linen sofas are also a must-have for this room, as are Tolix chairs and retro wooden crates.

Metal suspensions are the lighting par excellence for an industrial style. You need to brighten your interior as much as possible if natural light is limited. Chromed metal fixtures are the best.

When it comes to color, you have to ensure harmony. Brown, black and gray is best suited for this style of the living room. Brick walls and accessories like wallpaper are a priority for this type of decoration. A glass-effect metallic mirror is ideal for enlarging your living room and bringing a touch of modernity and originality. It is also perfect for your bathroom.

Some decorating ideas for an industrial bedroom

For an industrial chamber, it is generally necessary to make some recovery. Making your own decoration with antique items is betting on originality. For example, you can buy pallets for the bed or choose a louver for the wall. However, be careful not to abuse the recovery at the risk of turning your room into a clearance sale.

To stay in the New York spirit of the 1930s, you can use a leather headboard and the end of the bed. A pallet bedside table also recalls the industrial spirit. If you crave a style reminiscent of the factory, opt for stripped bulbs with dark wire or portable lamps with a protective grille. Several brands and retailers, such as Maisons du Monde or Conforama, reproduce these products. You can find them in their stores and on merchant sites.

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