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Updates on the Blockchain Gaming Arena

Blockchain technology has made a splash in the gaming industry by revolutionizing the way we can play. You might have already read about the gamers who made $100,000 on an Ethereum-based game called CryptoKitties. My point is blockchain technology is a big deal in the gaming community. Many companies are working on projects to build a new gaming ecosystem based on cryptocurrency. If you jump onto the bandwagon while it’s still hot, you can make some big bucks.

In recent years, the number of blockchain games has been growing, and their popularity has been skyrocketing. It’s easy to see why. Blockchain games offer a level of security and transparency that traditional gaming platforms can’t match. Moreover, they give players more control over their in-game assets. But what exactly are blockchain games? And which ones do we think you should play next?

What is blockchain gaming

In this article, we’ll be giving you a breakdown of everything you need to know about blockchain gaming. Blockchain games are video games that use blockchain technology to record game data on a distributed ledger. Furthermore, blockchain offers players a new level of security and transparency that traditional gaming platforms can’t match. For example, players can make in-game purchases with NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which gives them total control over their digital assets. If players wish to sell or trade their token, they can do so directly with no middle man involved. This means the risk of hacks is minimized. In addition, it makes it virtually impossible for anyone but the owner to steal them. Some blockchain games even allow players to earn cryptocurrencies while playing. This means more money in your pocket.

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Blockchain updates

Thetan lauches its Alpha

The blockchain gaming world has been heating up. Here’s some of the news that’s been happening lately:  Thetan Arena, a sci-fi battle game built on Ethereum, is getting ready to launch its alpha. The game will feature NFTs, trading, and combat gameplay that pits the player against a player to compete for valuable resources.

Gods Unchained sells out a card pack

NFT games are starting to make real money. Gods Unchained sold out a card pack within 10 minutes of its release, bringing in $500,000 in sales in one day.

Cryptokitties selling for over $1 million

CryptoKitties is currently selling for over $1 million each at Auctions. This trend has extended to other collectible gaming platforms like CryptoCelebrities and CryptoPunks. NFTs made after the platforms were established go for high prices.

Price of virtual land increases

According to Cryptolandia’s real estate survey, virtual land prices are increasing across all virtual worlds. The report found that the median sale price for a plot of land was $278 in February 2019, compared with $126 in June 2018.

Star trek online accepts crypto payments

Star Trek Online” is moving forward with its plans to accept crypto payments and create an in-game currency tied to the value of Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Parting shot

Creating a new gaming community from scratch doesn’t happen overnight. Moreover, it’s not something to be taken lightly. It will take quite a lot of time and effort on the developers. Still, suppose they can develop this community into something strong. In that case, we could see blockchain technology make its way into the gaming industry in a very big way. The future remains exciting for blockchain gaming, and we have only just begun to see what is possible.

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