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Top Crypto Game Apps You Will Fall in Love With

Are you a fan of crypto and gaming? Well, this article is for you. Crypto is a whole new concept to the world but has come with a lot of new innovations. This includes the creation of games that could be played and you get paid. In this article, we will look at the list of the top crypto game apps that you will fall in love with this year.

Top crypto games apps

1.Axie Infinity

Axie infinity crypto game app
Axie infinity crypto game app

The game has been considered the most established crypto-based game. Axie Infinity is an NFT online game that was developed by a Vietnamese Studio, Sky Mavis. The game however is not available on google play store like other games. You could however download the game from the game’s official website or trusted third-party software providers.

The game is similar to pokemon only that it has virtual creatures called Axies. You could either collect or sell the creature depending on their rareness. The axies usually team up and battle each other against other real-time players. When playing the game you could collect SLPs that can be bought or exchanged as crypto. The game has close to two million players and its numbers continue to rise.

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2.Plant Vs undead

Plant vs undead crypto game
Plant vs undead crypto game

This is a blockchain game that has different players. The game offers NFTs and can be used to generate a few extra coins. It is played by protecting plants from zombies. A player has to purchase plants that are NFTs from the market to help protect nature. In addition to that, the plants are used to protect mother nature and if one is able to successfully protect mother nature they get some energy points. The energy points are also known as Light energy(LE) can then be converted into tokens. Moreover, the tokens can be traded on various decentralized exchanges.

3.Gods unchained

Gods unchained crypto game app
Gods unchained crypto game app

This is a crypto game that runs on Ethereum. In the game, players fight with other players using cards. You could earn free cards called core cards or buy some cards from other players. You will also need a supported wallet and a registered account to play the game. The game also has its own set of tokens called GODs tokens. The tokens can be used to purchase cards and vote on the game’s future developments.

Try any of these crypto game apps and earn some extra coins.

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