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Students Are Learning To Love Distance Learning

Students are learning to love distance learning after covid 19 ravaged the world in 2020. Many sectors were affected by the pandemic but education was the hardest hit sector. Students were not only required to vacate school premises but also adapt to new learning techniques.

Technology became our saving grace during those desperate times. The tech world devised ways for students to be at home and still be able to acquire some knowledge. Platforms such as google meet and zoom became a favorite to many. Lessons were able to be conducted online without the physical presence of the learners and instructors. Assignments were collected and tests were done. Students became more inclined to distance learning.

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How students practise distance learning

The effects of covid 19 are still being felt in many parts of the world. Learning institutions have resorted to the methods below to continue with knowledge dissemination.

Chanel broadcasts

Various tv stations have changed their roles from news broadcasting. They started to broadcast educational programs. Most channels have allocated time for educational programs for students learning from home. Other educational channels have also cropped up that offer full-time broadcasts for educational material.

Radio programmes

In areas with poor connections, radio has been the saving grace. Music shows have been replaced with radio broadcasts full of educational content.

Zoom classes

Zoom classes were mostly adapted by higher institutions of learning. Universities switched to video conferencing to perform their mandate in knowledge disbursement. Exams have switched from being physical to online. Students do not have to be physically present to continue with learning.

Why Do Students Love Distance Learning?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, kids have attended classes online. At the start, it wasn’t easy for them to accept this change, but now they’re learning to love distance learning. Students love distance learning because it provides them with the following benefits:


School timings differ from state to state, but most schools start at 8:00 am. Due to back-to-back classes, students were not enjoying this practice. When the schools have shifted to remote learning, students’ schedules become more fluid. Therefore, students have more flexibility and choice for doing their school work.

In addition, this teaching module has given them more independence. Due to this flexibility, they can take breaks, relax, and play games without getting bored. The main reason students love online earning is that it allows them to schedule their day efficiently.

2.Improved Performance

When the COVID-19 started to spread initially, there were many restrictions on students. Extracurricular activities were not only banned but also enrichment activities were hard to come by. Because of this, teachers saw a massive decline in students’ performance.

When schools shifted to online classes, students have found different ways to keep themselves entertained during the pandemic. As a result, students were relieved from jam-packed schedules. Therefore, a massive improvement was observed in the overall performance of students due to distance learning.

3.Grading became more lenient

Schools have changed their grading systems due to the shifts caused by the pandemic. Due to this shift, students are able to get better grades than before. Good grades are a result of students completing tasks at their own pace. The pressure of failing is also minimal making learning fun.

4.Relief from anxiety

Student anxiety removed by distance learning
Student anxiety

You know the pressure that comes from school, well it’s gone now. Students do not have to be worried about verbal abuse from their peers. This can also be said about teachers who have gotten time to relax and unwind. Now that students are home, they get to enjoy the love and care of their parents and siblings. They also get to feel safe while they continue to learn. Most students had complained of difficulty fitting in the school environment.

5.Getting enough and quality sleep

A person sleeping
A person sleeping

Online learning has given students an opportunity to sleep well. Students don’t have to be worried about waking up extra early to prepare for school. Now they can get almost two extra hours before learning starts.

The extra sleeping time helps them to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Moreover, they have an opportunity to save time lost going to and from school. This helps them have an easy and convenient period to attend online classes.

As much as the pandemic came with problems, it also had some perks.






Yerusha Sarah
Yerusha Sarah
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