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Sky Blue: 10 Ways To Adopt It at Home

Inside or outside, something to see life in sky blue!

Blue, the color of the sky and also the sea, is a hue to consider while redesigning your decor. While sky blue, in general, fits perfectly in a bathroom or bedroom, it can also bring a wave of freshness and lightness to your kitchen. On a wall, a piece of furniture, or in small decorative touches (lamps, vases, cushions …), bring sky blue into your home for a trendy interior.

A nice section of the blue wall in the baby room

Baby is coming soon, and you do not yet know what color to paint the walls of his future room? Go for sky blue. Because the blue fits perfectly in a room in general, it is even more true when it comes to a child’s room. Sky blue being a soothing, restful, soft, and reassuring shade will be perfect for your baby to feel good and safe in his room.

sky blue
Photo by Juan Rojas on Unsplash

Sky blue bed linen in the master bedroom

What could be prettier than decorating the master bedroom with sky blue hues? Soothing for young and old alike, blue is a color that fits wonderfully in a bedroom. Sheets, cushions, rugs … sprinkle blue everywhere for an atmosphere that calls for daydreaming. And we don’t just stick to laundry! On all the walls, only the section of wall behind the bed or like the headboard, give way to your tastes and preferences but above all to your imagination … If you want something original, you can also play with the gradients of white going on a very light blue then turning to sky blue.

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A comfortable sky blue sofa in the living room

The real place of life, relaxation, and reception, the living room is the first room that one thinks of fitting out and decorating. When it comes to furnishing it, it may seem difficult to agree on the color of the furniture and especially the sofa, the centerpiece of the living room. So why is sky blue so cool? Quite simply because, contrary to what one might think, it is a shade that goes very well with a wide range of colors. Here, take yellow, pink, or green or, conversely, more sober colors such as gray, white, or brown. Well, all these colors can certainly coexist in harmony with sky blue while creating a chic and cheerful atmosphere for a bright living room.

sofa in the living room
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Blue bath towels for a marine atmosphere

If some give more importance to their living room, their kitchen, or their bedroom, others think that the bathroom also deserves its decorative touch. And we agree! Today, each room must be decorated with care. Synonymous with freshness and cleanliness, blue fits perfectly in a bathroom since it is reminiscent of the sea and the ocean, water in general. Here, we are not talking about covering all your walls with sky blue, but rather decorating the bathroom with small touches of blue here and there like a carpet, decoration, or sky blue bath sheets by example.

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Sky blue accessories on the sink in a toilet

Who said that the toilets were not allowed to (re) make a beauty? And of course not us! If you are busy renovating or have never thought about decorating your bathroom, now is the time. And nothing better than a little touch of sky blue to bring a wave of freshness to this still often neglected room. So we dare the blue in his toilets! You will see, you will not be disappointed with the result. Pretty sky blue decorative objects on the entrance shelf whether you are used to entertaining or not, putting blue at the entrance brings a serene feel to your home immediately. When you come home, you like to feel safe and secure once you’ve stepped through the door. By bringing a little touch of sky blue to your entrance, it is serenity assured … You will no longer want to leave your little nest.

accessories on the sink in a toilet
Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

In the dining room

We have seen that sky blue fits very well everywhere. Well, this is also the case for the dining room. Today, it is not uncommon to find a kitchen, dining room, and living room in a house. If these rooms often form only one, there are houses where they are still quite distinct. In a dining room, sky blue is a color that will go perfectly with white furniture, for example. With a few small decorative touches and voila, your room is ready to welcome its hosts and guests.

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A section of sky blue wall in the kitchen

The kitchen, a real central room of the house. Whether it’s to prepare good meals, entertain, have lunch or work, we spend a lot of time there. And since we spend quite a lot of time there, it is in the interest of it to be radiant. To do this, we put on a touch of color. So why not sky blue on a section of the wall? Good idea. And sky blue is not a random color. If you want a lively and bright atmosphere to reign in your kitchen, sky blue is THE perfect shade. And this is all true if your kitchen furniture is white. Bright cuisine guaranteed!

sky blue
Photo by Alex Padurariu on Unsplash

A sky blue front door

The exterior also has its own decorative touch, doesn’t it? When it comes to refreshing your exterior, and even more so if you have a white house, what could be nicer than repainting your door, staircase or railing in a pretty sky blue? The white and sky blue duo, like Greek villages, will give your exterior a crazy charm. The only drawback is that you risk making people jealous in the neighborhood!

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A pretty sky blue armchair for a reading corner

After having shown you that sky blue is a color to absolutely integrate into your interior, we confirm it once again with the reading corner. A true invitation to relax, this space must be fitted out with care. So if some people are wondering what color are they going to redo their reading nook, the answer is sky blue. Lightweight, this shade is perfect for a room inviting you to relax.

Pretty mismatched sky blue chairs

If you don’t want to cover the entire wall with sky blue in a particular room, consider the furniture. Spread a few touches of blue here and there with pretty sky blue chairs! And if you haven’t said your last word and want even more blue in your home, you can. Headboard, bath linen, wall decoration, dishes, cushions … think of all these small decorative elements that dress your interior.

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