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Sexy Bedroom Designs for Couples

A bedroom is a great place to snooze for unmarried and married people, but it’s also a place for sexier endeavors especially for couples. Little changes in the bedroom can inspire romance and make your room warm, welcoming, and sensuous. So, do you want to know sexy bedroom designs for couples? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

10 Sexy Bedroom Designs for Couples

Follow the below-given ideas and make your bedroom a romantic place.

1.Make It Open-Air

You can only do this if the weather in your area is not too hot or cold. But open-air can be enough to promote romance. It will keep the interior cool, and fresh air will breeze inside the room.

2.Try Soft Bedding

Soft blanket
Soft blanket

Anything soft in the room will provide romantic touch for people. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a soft mattress for sex to enhance your intimacy time. Bed frame and wall paint should also provide a soft touch.

3.Add Special Lighting

Your bedroom environment should be different from other rooms. If you have ever visited a hotel room, you must have noticed that their rooms are more romantic and dreamier than our bedrooms. So, take inspiration from those rooms and add special lighting to promote romance and sex.

Bedroom lights
Bedroom lights

4.Keep Flowers in the Room


For couples, flowers are best to have in the bedroom. They provide soft and romantic touch to your room and don’t cost much. It would be great to bring fresh flowers every now and then.

5.Lacquer Your Walls

Do you want to make your bedroom feel sleek and sexy in a quick time? If yes, try a high shine gloss of lacquer paint. Adding a shade of bright colors like red can heat up the environment.

Glossy wall

6.Add Velvet Throw Pillows

These little things can help you make your bedroom romantic. All you need to do is get some soft and velvety throw pillows to bed to make it more comfortable and sexier.

velvet throw pillows

7.Consider Mixing Old and New

When setting up a bedroom for a couple, you don’t have to purchase new things. But when you mix old and new things, it will create a romantic touch and won’t put a massive burden on your pocket.

8.Hang Curtains

Some couples love to intensify privacy and intimacy, so hanging curtains in front of the bed can help them achieve this goal. A fluffy comforter in a cocoon won’t be bad in a bedroom.


9.Fireplace Can Add a Romantic Touch


Some people consider it old-fashioned, but it can help add a romantic touch to your bedroom. When the woods burn, they create a crackling sound, and the glowing fire can make your bedroom feel like an old-world sanctuary.

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10.Carpets Can Also be Good Addition


A comfortable place is always the best place for romance and sex. So, adding carpet to your room will make it a perfect place for couples. Use soft carpet on the floor to soften the entire area.

Try these sexy bedroom designs and enjoy your married life.

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