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Several States Are Getting on Board and Going Full Crypto

Several states are on board with the idea of crypto. Most have embraced cryptocurrencies through regulations. The regulations give cryptocurrencies a good working environment. Below are the states that have embraced the idea of cryptocurrencies.

States that are on board with crypto


California is considered one of the best states for crypto investments. It has created a lot of jobs, especially in the crypto industry. The states act as the headquarters to many cryptocurrencies. This includes Kraken and coin base. Coinbase has its headquarters in San Fransisco. California also has a lot of Bitcoin ATMs.The ATMs could be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The state also has plans underway to establish crypto offices. The offices will be used to create crypto rules and regulations. The creation of the offices will not only create jobs linked to the crypto world but also crack down on illegal crypto practices.

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Wyoming has threatened to be the new crypto capital in the US by opening its arms to new crypto businesses. The state has also approved close to 20 laws that relate to cryptocurrencies.This makes it easier for crypto businesses to thrive. Some of the laws enacted are:

  • Cryptocurrencies are exempted from money processing rules
  • Crypto transactions arealso free from the states taxes

In addition to this, a new crypto bank, Kraken financial has opened up in the state.


Colorado decided to walk in the footsteps of Wyoming. This is through passing legislation that favored crypto currencies. Similarly, the number of people using crypto is high in comparison to other states.

The state also has plans to accept crypto tax payments.


The state has a number of crypto-related proposals. The proposals could enhance the use of cryptocurrencies. A statement by the governor proposed the use of digital currencies to pay business taxes. It also put in motion a plan of using blockchain technology in medical payments.

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