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How to set up a WIFI router without a computer

WIFI stands for a wireless router. It’s a device that has numerous functions to access wireless points. It delivers private computer networks and the internet. It forwards information through the internet to personal devices like phones, computers, and tablets. Firstly let’s know what the local area network is, a computer network that interconnects computers within limited areas like a residence, University campus, school, office building, and laboratory. The information of the modem creates the internet, a router distributes this data to personal devices. Now we are going to discuss How to set up a WIFI router without a computer.

Step 1 : Plug the WIFI router into a network connection               

To setup WIFI router you need to have a tablet or a Smartphone with an internet browser. To setup, up a WIFI router computer is not necessary it can be done through your Android or IOS. In the first place, you need to plug the WIFI router into a network connection and you will have to wait for a certain amount of time. The power-up process will begin and it will take three to five minutes to power up fully. 

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Step 2 : Find your network name of the WIFI router                                             

After getting fully powered up the WIFI router should have a network name which is technically known as SSID. The network name of the router will be behind the WIFI router. The SSID of the name of the network of the WIFI router may also be situated on included in the setup paperwork provided by the WIFI router company. The name of the network is very important to set up the WIFI router. It should be unique and the name which the WIFI router would be known as. 

Step 3 : Find the routers IP address

The next process to setup WIFI router without a computer is the router’s IP address. Firstly you need to know what is The router’s IP address? IP full form is internet protocol. Router IP is the identification of numbers where the device is connected to the network. You can normally find the IP address on the back of the router device or in the WIFI router company. After turning it on, it will naturally find the router’s IP address. The IP address is usually like,,, or

To know more about IP address you can also visit Wikipedia

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Step 4 : Type the IP Address in the internet browser

After knowing the WIFI router’s IP address, get back to the internet browser on your smartphone or the device you are using to set up the WIFI router and type the IP address in the address bar. It will take you to a different website and you need to log in with the default username and password. Once logged in, you can set up the WIFI router as you do it through the computer. You need to keep in mind the default IP address provided by the WIFI router company and the default password of the WIFI router as these will be essential in the initial setup of the WIFI router.

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Step 5 :Review the username and the password

After logging into the internet browser the next step to setup WIFI router will be reviewing the username and the password of the WIFI router. The default username of the WIFI router which you are using is generally named admin, while on the hand the default password of your WIFI router will be password. After proper login to the WIFI router, you will be able to use the WIFI hotspot provided by the WIFI router and you will be able to use the internet connection. If the entire process is not working then you should look forward to the manufacturing settings online and you will be able to follow the process provided there to setup the WIFI router. It is also recommended to Google the name of the model of the router, it can help you set up the WIFI router and the WIFI hotspot. 

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Step 6 : Change the username and password for Security

In this process, you should change the default username of the WIFI router and the default password of the WIFI router. This is not a compulsory process but is recommended for avoiding future problems. Once you are connected to the WIFI router you will also be able to add various other devices such as streaming devices different smart TV and also other devices by using just the same SSID provided by the WIFI router with the username and password.

Wifi router with signal


Wireless routers play an important role as the main feature of a residential network. It’s not essential that you don’t need to have a computer to set up the WIFI router, you can do it on any smartphone and tablet with full charge in it. However, setting up your WIFI router on a computer is eventually much easier compared to the smartphones or tablets that you are using. During this process, if you face any kind of problems you can contact your ISP or manufacturer’s customer service for help. All I can say it’s not an easy process to set up your WIFI router but It can be easy with appropriate information. So now you can enjoy your WIFI connection without getting distracted. 



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