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Setting the Right Tone for Learning: A Real Challenge for the Teachers

It is the responsibility of every teacher to provide the students with productive learning environment. The teacher is required to create such an environment in which students can learn effectively.

Over the years, a lot of research has been conducted to provide teachers with the insight to design what works best for their students. There are large numbers of methods and practices available for teachers to create a healthy learning environment for students.

Creating Positive Learning Environment

The goal for the teachers is to create such an environment which is conducive for learning. The teacher must create a positive environment in which the students feel comfortable, peaceful and motivated.

Research has shown that students perform better in the environment where they are accepted, motivated to share their opinions and are encouraged to participate. A positive learning environment is not only essential for students, it also serves as a catalyst for teachers to perform better.

Therefore, before looking for the right tone for learning it is necessary for the instructors to create a positive learning environment for the student.

What the is right tone for learning

right tone for learning

The right tone for the learning is the one that brings the best out of students. Students learn and absorb the knowledge more in the accurate setting. Right tone for learning, surely, depends on the type of content an instructor is teaching. But, there are various techniques that can help teachers to create the right tone.

There are a large number of things that a teacher can do in order to make the students to learn effectively and efficiently.

Tips for teachers to set the right tone for learning

right tone for learning: tips for teacher
  • Firstly, the teacher needs to be enthusiastic himself/herself. A teacher is the role model for the students. He/she sets an example for the students, so it is required to set a good one for the students to follow. Positivity always radiates.
  • A teacher must know how to handle stressful circumstances. Many situations arise in the course of education where a teacher feels stressed out. Stress of teacher can bring negative impact on teacher-student relationship. It can also be damaging for the emotional well-being of students.
  • A Teacher must tell students the importance of being independent. The teacher needs to act as a facilitator for the students letting them explore their coursework. This is the real challenge for a teacher to strike a balance in giving student wings to fly and keeping the proper check and balance at the same time.
  • For effective learning teacher needs to be familiar with the emerging best practices. A teacher is required to conduct in-depth research in order to stay updated with the new methods required to set right tone for learning.
  • A teacher must make every student feel special as an individual. He/she must make eye contact with all the students while teaching. Greeting all the students every morning can also enhance positive learning environment.
  • A teacher must motivate the students to participate in class. Tell the students that it is acceptable to make mistakes. Do not punish them if they answer wrong. Encourage them to participate and make a positive statement before correcting the student.
  • A teacher must encourage students to work individually as well as in groups. Praise them when they perform individual and group tasks successfully. Give them credit for their hard work.
  • A teacher must give students the time to process their brain. After asking a question give students time to think. Do not rush.
  • A teacher must have a polite tone while addressing students. It is seen that students learn more when the teacher shows soft behavior. A strict teacher creates an environment of fear which is unfavorable for learning.
  • A teacher must highlight his/her expectations from the students in the very first session. A code of conduct must be given to students stating all the dos and don’ts. It brings discipline in the class environment which is an essential component for effective learning.
  • A teacher must create a sense of accountability among students. Taking quizzes, regular assignments and class assessments can be effective in this regard.
  • A teacher must design regular class presentations in order to boost the confidence level of students. All the students must be asked to give graded presentations. This exercise will make it easier for students to communicate in class without any hesitation.
  • A teacher must share practical examples with the students in order to make them understand the concepts better. It will also provide the students with the feel of corporate world beforehand.
  • It is said that a good teacher is the one who remains calm in every situation. Patience is an essential trait in order to teach effectively. Some students behave poorly in every class. A teacher must tackle this situation calmly keeping the environment lighter for rest of the students.
  • A teacher must give effortless support to this/her students. The attitude of a teacher must be friendly enough to encourage students to approach him/her in case of any problem without any fear or hesitation.


A good teacher has the power to create an ideal learning environment for the students. Teachers need to realize that the world is evolving rapidly. Every new technology obsoletes the previous one and same is the case in the world of education. Volumes of new methods and techniques of learning are emerging with every passing day.

The teachers serve as the guiding light for the students. They must be open to learn new techniques in order to meet the modern demands of the corporate world. Setting the right tone can bring massive improvement in the performance of students.

Students learn more when the teacher creates a comfortable, friendly and welcoming environment. Let the students participate without any fear of being wrong. Make them comfortable to ask questions in case of any confusion. Build a sense of community in the class by motivating students to help one another. This will make them better citizens of the society.



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