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Advice To Personalize Your Decor Without Breaking the Bank

Does your living room look like the neighbors? Do you look at your set saying: “it seems to me that something is missing”? In both cases, what you have to do is personalize!

What is personalization?

Imagine: your neighbor buys the exact sofa, bed, or chairs as you. What will make the difference between his decor and yours? It’s you!

To differentiate and personalize your decor, you can add cushions, throws and punctuate your decor with decorative items. You can put your color on it! This is personalization.

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The power of light

personalize your decor
Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

Light plays a significant role in creating warm decor, no matter the style in your home. Whether you’re more of the type to like white or more amber light, think about dimmers, the famous dimmers. I’ve always said that switches shouldn’t exist in a house, only dimmers! And cushions (yes!) In the girls’ living room, you can feel the predominance of orange, while in the boys, it is green that dominates.

More accessories

Finally, to personalize your decor, also think of a small side table, vases and frames. Even if the goal is not to overload your decor, all of these elements will ensure that your space will have personality. And, who knows, perhaps your friends will even want to visit you more often!

How to choose your curtains for a successful decoration?

Curtains play a significant role in decorating your interior. Whether blackout, insulation, sheer, or tieback, curtains are available in different varieties to perfectly dress your windows. However, it would help a lot if you took care to choose according to each decoration trend and the expected result.

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The different types of curtains

personalize your decor
Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

There are different types of curtains. Choose what will best match the overall interior design.

1. Blackout curtains

They are excellent for blocking out light and preventing prying eyes from the outside. Very aesthetic and functional, they are more suitable for the bedroom.

2. Classic curtains

Classic curtains are perfect for dressing up and decorating your bedroom. They are perfect for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and entryway.

3. The curtains

The best curtains to add charm to your living room and kitchen are sheer curtains. They are pretty light, discreet, and above all, very decorative.

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Some criteria for selecting curtains

personalize your decor
Image by bottlein from Pixabay

Beyond the types of curtains, respecting specific parameters for the choice will significantly benefit you.

1. Take measures

It is essential to take the measurements of the window before proceeding with the purchase of the curtain. The length and width of the curtain will be decided according to your wishes. Just make sure the triangle is 6 inches above the window.

In order not to make an error in the measurements, we advise you to add 10 cm. So you can always retouch if it sticks out.

2. Choose curtains suitable for the whole room

A suitable curtain gives an authentic atmosphere to your room. In terms of colors, choose colors that will match the wall and floor and the shades of the sofa, blankets and cushions, and other furniture.

3. Set a budget

You should set your budget based on the price of curtains in the market. It should be noted that the price varies according to the brand and the materials.

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Yerusha Sarah
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