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Online learning – A New Era for Education

Online learning is considered a structured learning activity via internet-based resources, tools, and technology. In today’s time, online learning is considered to be the fastest mode of learning as the information floats very quickly through online resources. It is seen that a large number of students have started valuing online modes of education due to their flexibility. Moroever,online classes are now fairly accepted in various institutes because they allow student to deliberately choose their credit hours.

For many years, the main force behind technological advancements has been the rapidly increasing capabilities of computers. Now we can easily communicate with people around the world, gain access to a wide range of educational resources, and learn in ways that were only dreamed about not so long ago.

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Online Education
An elementary-aged school student in a home doing remote learning.

With an increasing number of employers and educators embracing new technologies to deliver content, online learning has become one of the essential tools for learning today. Online courses are available from a multitude of institutions, in many cases without even a physical campus. Some of the top universities and colleges in America now have at least one fully online course, and nearly half offer 100% online course options.

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Advantages of online learning worth knowin

Online Education is available to a broad range of students regardless of the place they are physically present. It lets the students maximize on the time and content available. Moreover, it also gives students the liberty to choose the courses according to their needs and interest. Some other advantages are :

1. It allows the students to pursue jobs along with education

Online learning gives the students the opportunity to earn while undertaking their professional degrees. This is a good step towards the professional grooming of students ahead of time.

2.Online learning offers better time management

Since there are no set class times , students have the freedom to set time according to their schedules. It gives them the relaxation to manage other chores effectively.

3.It demonstrates self -Motivation

As online education gives students the independence to manage their schedule themselves, it can be a great tool to keep students self-motivated as they confront multiple tasks, set their own priorities.

4.Online learning helps to develop technical skills among students

As students learn using numerous online mediums, it allows them to learn about the new technologies every day. This is immensely beneficial as it trains them even before entering professional lives.

5. Online learning enhances critical thinking.

Online learning lets you think critically about everything you do. This is beneficial for students as critical analysis holds vital importance once you enter the corporate world.

Online learning has emerged to be an effective mode of learning with a large number of advantages but it has also given food for thought to the educators as this mode of learning has some points of improvement as well.

Challenges of Online Learning

Where online classes have proven to be an effective model for self-motivation, they are also a great challenge for students to maintain self-discipline. Some students do not work effectively until they get proper guidance from their instructors. Furthermore, Physical classes have more accountability than online classes. Some other challenges related to online learning are :

  • Online classes make you isolated from a proper school environment. Some students feel comfortable with their community on campus and prefer physical classes.
  • Online classes require the instructors to get additional training. The mode of learning in physical and online classes is different. Instructors need to get a deep understanding of various approaches necessary for online learning.
  • Online classes increase students’ on-screen time. This is detrimental to the health of students. Poor postures, weak eyesight, and increased headaches are one of the biggest disadvantages of online learning.

Due to covid-19, the online mode of learning has become a necessity all over the world. This pandemic forced the schools to shut down and shift to online platforms of education. In this situation, it is essential to focus on the techniques through which the success of online learning can be ensured.

Tips for success in online education

1.Make a routine study plan

This will help students to not be lethargic and ensures self-discipline as well. Students can also have a calendar to track the deadlines of their projects and assignments.

2. Be interactive in online sessions

Students must communicate and participate in the group discussion. They must exchange their ideas to help them understand the concepts being taught.

3. Eliminate distractions while taking online classes

Students are now more exposed to social media than ever. It can distract them during an online class. Students need to log out of their social media accounts while having an online session and fully concentrate on the clas.

3. Assess the time where you can learn the best

Students need to assess their learning patterns. They must learn at the time when they can get the most out of it with a fresh and relaxed mind.

4. Set your goals and follow them

Students need to have self-assessment on a daily or weekly basis to ensure progress.

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Final thoughts

According to experts, the popularity of online learning cannot be ignored. It has opened the doors of extensive development in an educational environment. Online learning is also the need of the hour right now.

Virtual learning meets the ever-changing career needs of students. Technology is also advancing with every passing day making it necessary for students to move ahead of time in order to prosper in the future.

Students and instructors need to play their part to ensure the effectiveness of online learning. Students must adapt themselves to this mode of learning by taking responsibility. The instructors on the other hand need to make online course content aligned with the learning outcomes. Moreover, the software used for learning must be user-friendly, easy to use, and understandable.

The instructors must also make students engaged by giving online presentations and assignments. Online quizzes have also proven to be an effective tool to keep students engaged and to make them accountable. It is definitely an era of online learning and students and instructors must play their role to ensure the efficiency of online education.

For an effective learning class, there is a need to build a productive learning environment. Without a suitable environment, no mode of education can serve the required purpose.

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