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New to Crypto? Start Buying These Crypto Stocks

Are you new to the whole crypto world? Do you wish you could buy some crypto stocks but don’t know where to start? Look no further, here is a list of altcoins you could buy this year. The stocks have been mentioned due to various factors such as:

  • Trading price
  • Returns generated
  • Rates of pay outs
  • Transaction costs

Crypto stocks to buy for new users


This is the largest alt cryptocurrency in the altcoins. It’s also the second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin and has expanded tremendously over time. It is a well-known cryptocurrency and its value is deemed to continue growing exponentially.

Created in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, the currency is a utility currency that allows people to develop applications in the network. It is also one of the most used cryptos with investors growing on a daily basis in the network.

2.Binance Coin

Binance coin is a new cryptocurrency that has grown to be the most popular since the year started. The altcoin has grown tremendously since its inception in 2017 in China. It offers a safe environment for investment with low exchange fee rates compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Binance is estimated to be worth $500 by the end of the year and is the largest when it comes to trading volume.


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The price point of the avalanche has improved this year by around 3345%. Avalanche is considered the fastest platform when it comes to crypto stocks and would be a good currency to buy in 2022. The platform is based on a blockchain algorithm to increase the speeds of transactions. It also allows any user to trade in assets with its new and improved technologies. Its speeds and security are something to admire because they are top-notch. This makes it one of the best crypto stocks to invest in.

4.Lucky block

Lucky block is a worldwide lottery that uses blockchain protocol. The crypto stock has instant payouts with no charges when it comes to transactions. You also get a percentage of every payout with or without participating in the jackpots.

Try buying any of these crypto stocks on eToro and tell us which one worked for you.

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