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Smartphones and their unique disadvantages are way more interesting in technological standards as compared to their advantages. To make android devices run faster, smartphones have to be made effluent in terms of quality as well as quantity. Users should be well aware of the flexibility that how an android works. It is also said that the system updates are way too old for some android smartphones. There are also many devices who has quite a good OS system overall. To defy all the odds of a phone, some efficient ways need to be followed by the users at large. There are few ways given to make android devices run faster in detail.

Say no to unwanted Files and Folders

Like computers and laptops, nowadays android devices also have some of the trash geared up unnecessarily by the users. The unfamiliar materials stuck under the very expensive android smartphone makes the system go slow. The users face difficulty in rebooting the newly launched app or work done by them. The basic step to make android devices run faster is to delete and remove all the unwanted files, apps, folders, software updating. In this way, running a phone is easier when there is less dirt in disguise of unwanted chaos popping up.

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Update and No Update Strategy

Sometimes, there are many android smartphones that marks an excellent way of lacing themselves up with good performance improvements and features. This is maintained by updating the basic features by the one who invents the smartphone or the one who sells it. Likewise, to make android devices run faster, updating the devices becomes evident when such android smartphones with better features becomes significant for users. Custom ROM is a feature that can help to push up the update strategy of the smartphone and do wonders. There are some android smartphones that are not so fit in their features and does not support bigger apps under it. Their software systems are usually low and these devices find it difficult to renew their services. For such devices, no-update strategy becomes meaningful. To make this kind of android devices run faster, avoid their updating status and installation of bigger apps.

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Installing the Light Version of Apps

Installing lite version of apps under android smartphones are nothing new in today’s era. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Spotify, Opera Mini, Messenger and many others have a lite version which helps in supporting the android device and protecting them against viruses at large. To make android devices run faster, lite version is recommended by every user at a large scale. The lite version depicts light-weighted apps that are kept in the smartphones and used so that the android’s settings can be improved till a satisfactory margin. Many of these apps are also designed so that the data bills of smartphones can be reduced to an extent. By this, the users can take a sigh of relief at the cheap cost of data.

Android Devices and it’s Fingerprint Sensor

Clearly, the preference of lock system is considered very important in a user’s eye- be it PC or an android smartphone. The preference is seen even in case of lock’s format like key patterns or saving by a pin code. Eventually, a smartphone’s speed and audacity is even judged by its layout on locking and unlocking system of the device. Out of all these, a fingerprint sensor is the most used in almost every android smartphone. Fingerprint sensors make easier for the users to sign up their smartphones in less than two seconds. To make android devices run faster, choosing fingerprint sensor over patterns and pins saves the required stipulated time also and the device functions smoothly without any mess.

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Restarting and Renewing the Device

At large, there are many android smartphones which get stuck due to loads of apps and files filled by the users. In that case, the device can hardly store and keep up new things permanently. The simplest step to make android devices run faster out of all the tried steps for a user is to just restart the booting of smartphone. Booting and rebooting by restarting the device can make the performance secure and also build up certain speed under the device. Restarting the device also helps in cleaning up the memory of the android device. It also offers help in removing some of the temporary files and folders and renewing the newly-launched temporary profile of some important apps.

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The impact of Cloud Storage

Technically nowadays, some android smartphones have also started working like Apple iPhone. However, interlinking one device with other device can rub off the remaining workload from the users at a huge level. To make android devices run faster, cloud storage is the best option for the storage of data and apps. Cloud store makes the data accessible to all the interlinked devices, store the unused data files to be used later and also puts a remark on the internal performance of the smartphone. This boosts the overall intensity of the vital internal efficiency of the android device and helps the user to use the device fluently.

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Clearing the Home Screen

Basically, a clean up is required when the house gets dirty. In the same way, android devices function much better when its house is also cleaned up properly. Android devices have home screen as a center and the main area where all the files, folders and important apps occupy their spaces- commonly known as “The House of Android Devices”. To make android devices run faster, clearing the home screen becomes necessary when it gets filled up with inefficient and unimportant apps and profiles.

There are also many unwanted internal storage devices that are needed to remove immediately. This can also be found on the home screen. The clean up of home screen also removes off the functions of SoC, which is basically a software used to decrease the time limit to render the home screen useless for the new apps. By removing SoC, a user can ultimately help in making the device run faster and smoother.




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