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Keeping Your Home Décor Simple but Intriguing

Do you want to design your home with a limited budget and time; you’re at the right place. Here you’ll get some home decor ideas to make your home look beautiful. More importantly, you can follow these simple but intriguing ideas to refine your home. So, are you ready to learn some home décor ideas without breaking the budget? If yes, then keep reading.

10 Simple but Intriguing Home Décor Ideas

Let’s discuss some of the best and most simple design ideas:

1.Start with the Front Door

front door
Front door

Your front door of the house can make a great first impression. Choose the best and most fun color combination for the front door. Orange and yellow are associated with joy and warmth. If your front door is outdated, get it replaced with a modern one.

2.Paint Walls with Light and Neutral Colors

Neutral wall
Neutral wall

When you paint neutral colors on walls, it provides maximum decorating flexibility. Moreover, you can paint two small rooms with the same neutral colors to make them look larger.

Neutral coloured painted room
Neutral colored painted room

3.Arrange Furniture in Groupings

U  shaped chair arrangement
U shaped chair arrangement

Think about a hotel lobby, when you place furniture in a living room. Ensure that chairs face each other and are arranged in either U or H shape. Don’t push all the furniture against the walls. In fact, floating furniture makes the room feel larger.

Chair arrangement in a central position
chairs arranged in a central position

4.Allow Sunshine in Your Kitchen

It’s another good practice, and it will not take much investment. But when you do this, ensure that you use light-colored paints that will not fade away. Cover the glass panels with cotton, silk, and linen blends.

Well lit kitchen
well lit kitchen

5.Hang Mirrors in Each Room

Mirrors don’t only bounce light in the room, but they also make the room feel bigger. Ensure that you place or hang mirrors in the right spot.Mirrors are a good home decor addition to a home.

Mirror décor
Mirror decor

6.Use Art Work on the Walls

Wall décor can make your home look beautiful and turn your bad mood into a good one. Purchase wall art according to the available space. If possible, create a mix of small and large-sized art pieces.Wall arts are essential pieces that can transform your home decor.

Wall art
Wall Art

7.Choose the Lighting Wisely

Ensure that your home has a mix of ambient, accent, and task lighting. Table lamps can also add to the beauty of your bedrooms. Avoid using too many lights.

light set up
light set up

8.Rugs Under Furniture Feet Can be a Good Option

Rugs can add to the beauty of your home. Ensure that they’re placed under the legs of the sofa and chairs. Use different-sized rugs to provide a stunning look to your living room.


9.Swap Out Throw Pillows

You might consider them useless, but they can be a great home décor tool. They can easily brighten your room. Throw out your old pillows and bring different-sized pillows. Mix colors and textures to get a unique look.

Throw pillows
Throw pillows

10.Hire a Pro

When you live in a home for years, you create lots of mess. Therefore, you need to hire experts to organize things for you. It will take some investment, but they can help convert your traditional room into a modern one by making some changes.

Follow these simple but intriguing ideas for home décor and transform your space.

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Yerusha Sarah
Yerusha Sarah
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