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Is Grammarly Safe and Legit To Use

So you have been wondering if Grammarly is safe and legit to use. The answer to this is yes, it’s totally safe to use Grammarly. Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that helps you with your writing. It could be checking on your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the clarity of your text. The platform uses artificial intelligence to identify and search for errors in your text. It then gives you an appropriate replacement for the errors.

If you have been in doubt about the safety of the app, here are reasons proving there is nothing to worry about.

Why grammarly is safe and legit to use

Is Grammarly safe

Yes Grammarly is safe

How safe is Grammarly

Grammarly can’t access sensitive and private information about you.

Is Grammarly safe and legit?

The data on the platform is protected by the TLS1.2 protocol. It is also encrypted by the AES256 server. This means that all data is protected from unauthorized access.

1.The platform does not steal your data

Grammarly can’t access sensitive and private information about you. You might have noticed that Grammarly doesn’t give you suggestions when you’re filling in private information. This could be:

  1. Your email address,
  2. Credit card information
  3. Password.
  4. URL fields

The Grammar Assistant is locked to access such fields. The platform cannot access this type of information from browser extensions, mobile apps, or even desktop applications. You also can’t run the app in a read-only text field on the form. So you don’t have to worry if the application is running while you enter the password. Believe me, all your data is safe.

2.The app is GDPR compliant

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The law regulates the way information is collected and processed by organizations for EU citizens. In addition, this is one of the most important privacy and security laws. Grammarly complies with this law and doesn’t use the information received maliciously. In addition to this, violations of this law can result in fines of up to € 10 million.

3.Grammarly has government certification in regards to data security

The platform has received a SOC 2(Type 2) report and is certified with ISO 27001,27017 AND 27018. All these are certifications that relate to government privacy regulation. They are also used to control the privacy of information. Moreover, a company has to be heavily vetted before they are issued with such certificates.

In addition to all this, Grammarly is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance. This is an organization dedicated to promoting secure cloud computing.

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4.All data in the application is encrypted to keep your information secure

The data on the platform is protected by the TLS1.2 protocol. It is also encrypted by the AES256 server. This means that all data is protected from unauthorized access. AWS is also used to encrypt data. AWS is one of the most secure cloud platforms in the world. Encryption applies not only to data in transit but also to data in storage.

5.The platform doesn’t get ownership Rights for your work

Grammarly clearly states in its terms of service that:

“All intellectual property rights in and to the User Content are and shall remain your property, and Grammarly shall acquire no right of ownership with respect to your User Content.”

However, the platform gets licenses to your writing to offer suggestions that can be used in your work.

6.The app’s profit come from selling subscriptions not data

The platform does not get its funding from selling a user’s data to someone else. The only way the app is able to get money is through subscriptions from:

  • Grammarly premium
  • Business
  • Grammarly for education

The interests of the company go hand in hand with the user’s interest.

7. Users can view data stored

Users of the application can always view the personal data stored about them. All you have to do is to submit a request through the account hub and you’re good to go.

In addition, deleting an account also deletes all information that was in your account. You also have the option to see all the documents stored in the app. You can also remove them and they will be removed from the platform’s system.

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8.The application can only work on what you want

As a platform, Grammarly has no access to anything unless you want it. It doesn’t work in its own development but finds out what the users want. The server used by the application is too complex to store on the user’s device

9.Grammarly employees are restricted from accessing a users data.

Employees of Grammarly cannot access your data. In addition, the platform regularly assesses the security of the provider. This ensures that all information about the user is removed from this party system.

From all this information, it’s clear that Grammar is a reliable platform. In addition, this app has been around for more than 10 years. There is no problem with safety. It is also used by more than 30 million people. It wouldn’t have been easy to attract such a large audience if the application wasn’t legal.

Companies such as Forbes and Wall Street Journal also use the platform meaning it is trusted by popular brands.

Try using the platform today and tell us your thoughts.

Yerusha Sarah
Yerusha Sarah
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