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How to Unsend an Email on Gmail: Step by step guide

Ever wanted to unsend an email on Gmail and you don’t know what to do. You could have sent the wrong email by mistake and you wish to undo the mistake before the recipient gets a chance to see it. Well, you’re in the right place. Gmail allows you to unsend an email before the receiver gets a hold of it. If you’ve been wondering how to do this, here is a step-by-step guide to help.

Note: Before unsending an email you have to enable the undo send feature.

How to Unsend an Email on Gmail.

You can unsend an email on Gmail using two distinct steps. This depends on the time duration after which you realize your mistake. Here are the two ways you could unsend an email on Gmail.

Unsending an Email using the Undo button

Unsending an email on Gmail is easy especially when you realize your mistake early. This undo button usually pops up after you have sent an Email. If you are able to catch it on time, then you’ll manage to undo the mistake.

If you haven’t left the Gmail page you could just press the undo button that appears after sending an email.

After pressing the undo button, your email will go back to the drafts where you have time to make changes. However, if you did not realize the mistake on time, you could follow the second step to unsend your email.

UnSending your Email using the Undo button on the settings page.

This method requires you to set the undo feature before you are able to unsend your message. Moreover, it increases the time frame you are able to undo all your mistakes.

Go to your Gmail account.

Click on the Settings Icon that is found on your far right.


Go to “See all settings”

“See all settings”will allow you to view more icons that will help you access the undo feature.

Settings page to unsend email on Gmail

After opening the settings go to the “general settings”.

General setting pages to unsend email on Gmail

On the general settings page scroll down to “Undo Send.”

Cancellation button to unsend email on Gmail

Choose the number of seconds you’d want your email to stay before it can be sent.

With this, you have more seconds before the message is sent to a person. The undo button will appear for the number of seconds you have chosen before it is sent.

Scroll down to the end of the page and save the changes you have made.

This is an important step since if you don’t save your changes you won’t be able to unsend an email the next time you wrongly send an email.

Save button to unsend email on Gmail

You have successfully given yourself more time to undo any mistakes before you are able to send an email to a person.

Gmail is not the only emailing app that lets you unsend your email. Outlook also allows you to tweak your mail before you can resend it without any mistakes.

Here are a few steps to help you unsend your email on Outlook.

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How to unsend an email on Outlook.

Outlook also gives you a grace period before you are able to undo the process and recall the email you’ve sent to your drafts. However, you’ll have to turn on the undo button through the settings to undo any changes.

1. Go to Outlook.

2. Click on the Settings icon that’s found on your far right.

3. Go to the mail option that’s just below the General button

4. Go to mail and scroll down to Undo send

5. Move the slider forward.

Moving the slider will add the time you will be able to unsend an email that you had sent to someone.

For more information on how to unsend your email, Here is a video that shows you all the steps to guide you.

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