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How To Take Off Waterproof Mascara Completely

Everyone wants their makeup to stay all through the day without any smudges. And, what better way to do this than using waterproof products that can last the whole day without melting away. So, what happens when it’s finally dusk and you wish to take off your waterproof mascara. Well, you’re in luck, in this article we are going to give you tips on how to take off waterproof completely without leaving a hint of mascara on your eyelashes.

waterproof mascara
Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is manufactured with waxes and silicon that make the mascara not only last all through the day but also become more resilient to sweat, tears, and water. These ingredients do not dissolve in water and prevent the mascara from flaking off when you apply it. This basically means that a few drops of rain or a sweaty day at the gym won’t really affect your eye makeup.

Waterproof mascara will give you thick and voluptuous eyelashes throughout the day making your eyes the center of attention. And trust me, we all want well-defined eyes as we go around doing our business with a guarantee that our smokey eye makeup look won’t melt away at midday.

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Why you should not sleep with waterproof mascara

After a full day of glam, you might be tempted to go to bed with your mascara since it won’t come off. Well, you better resist that temptation if you still want to have your natural lashes when you wake up in the morning. Waterproof mascara tends to dry out your lashes so that they can stay put throughout the day. Not taking off your waterproof mascara can have an effect on your lashes and cause them to fall out. So, if you don’t want to fall into such predicaments, here are ways to take off your mascara.

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How to take off waterproof mascara completely

We have outlined the process of taking off waterproof mascara in two broad categories;

  • Manufactured products that help to remove waterproof mascara
  • Natural products that are easily available at home.

Store-bought products to remove waterproof mascara.

1. Use oil-based makeup removers

Because waterproof mascara is designed to last for a long, it might be hard to get it off your face. However, using an oil-based make-up remover might make your work a tad easier. Oil-based makeup removers such as the Lancome Bi-Facil and the Vichy Purete thermal cleansing micellar oil can be quite helpful in removing mascara completely. They work by breaking off the water-resistant ingredients used to create waterproof mascara. Oil will basically dissolve oil and help remove all the mascara you had on during the day.

Can oil-based makeup removers be used on oily and sensitive skin?

I know people with oily skin might be wondering if this is the right product for them. The answer to this is a definite yes. These products not only have an oil base but also traditional skin cleansing properties. The oil base will help you remove the waterproof mascara without messing up your skin.

Oil-based makeup removers are also quite gentle and will not require you to wipe off your face excessively. Top this up with all the moisturizing oils present in these products and you will end up with skin that is deeply clean without a trace of makeup.

It is advisable to leave the makeup removers for at least fifteen minutes to give it ample time to work on the silicones. Finish off by washing your face with lukewarm water and you would have successfully managed to take off the mascara completely.

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2. Use makeup removing wipes

If you do not have any oil-based makeup removers then makeup removing wipes can be your go-to option. These wipes are travel friendly and are usually more affordable than other makeup removing products.

Makeup removing wipes are infused with facial cleansers and makeup removal products that can help with any waterproof product. They are regarded as a lazy girl’s best friend since they do not require one to put so much effort when using them. For the perfect use, ensure you gently dub your eyes and move in circular motions while using the wipes.

If you are worried about having oily skin then go for the Almay Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. You can also settle for the plant-based Neutrogenar wet wipes that can be found on Amazon for any other skin type.

3. Invest in a good eye makeup remover.

An eye makeup remover is tailored to be used to remove any type of eye makeup that has been applied. This means that the products used are specially formulated for the eye and might have limited effects if they accidentally get into the eye. Ensure you wash your hands before starting the makeup removal process and be gentle with your skin.

When using an eye makeup remover, you should have some cotton pads that can be used to gently wipe away the excess mascara off your lashes.

You can use Paula’s choice gentle touch makeup remover or the Cetaphil daily face wash.

Natural products to take off waterproof mascara

1. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is not only helpful in removing stubborn mascara but also has a nourishing effect on your lashes and the skin around your eye. Apply coconut oil all through your lashes and use some cotton pads to remove the waterproof mascara from your eye. Coconut oil reduces the risk of infection by acting as an antimicrobial so it won’t be a big deal if a few drops fall into the eye.

coconut oil to take off  waterproof mascara
Coconut oil

If coconut oil is not readily available then you can substitute it with jojoba oil or olive oil. These two oils have the same effects as coconut oil and will leave your lashes without a trace of mascara.

Olive oil to take off waterproof mascara
Olive oil

2. Use baby oil to remove waterproof mascara

Baby oil works well when removing mascara since it contains pure mineral oil that is used in most skincare products. Using baby oil to remove mascara is pretty simple and will only require you to have a baby oil such as Cussons or Johnson’s baby.

To remove the waterproof mascara;

  • Pour two to three drops of baby oil onto a cotton pad.
  • Gently wipe mascara off your face using the cotton pad.
  • Rinse off your face with lukewarm water.

Waterproof mascara is a big hit for people who want their makeup to stay all day long. However, if you have been having problems taking off your mascara completely, use the methods indicated above and tell us which one worked out for you.

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