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How To Replace Windows 11 Start Menu With StartAllBlack

Do you want to replace the windows 11 start menu with something simple and interesting? Well, you are in the right place. Third-party tools like StartAllBlack allow you to change the windows 11 start menu to something simpler and easy to use

The Software allows you to:

  • Restore and improve the taskbar.

This is through showing labels on the task icon, Adjusting the size and margins, and dragging and dropping things onto the taskbar.

  • Restoring and improving File explore and control panel.
  • Restoring and improving context menus.
  • Using previous windows start menu styles such as windows 10 and 7

StartAllBlack is a good alternative if you want to replace the Windows 11 start menu. The software has three distinct menus that you could choose from. Moreover, each of the menus can be customized to something you’re comfortable with.

So what about the cost? Well, the application has a free 30 days trial period before you are required to purchase it. If you’re not satisfied with the software by the end of the trial period, you can go back to the windows 11 start menu. However, if you wish to continue using the software then you’ll have to part with a few coins. You’ll be required to pay $4.99 for a new version, $1.0 to upgrade to a newer version, and $8.99 for two PCs.

How To Replace Windows 11 Start Menu With StartAllBlack

Before you’re able to access the software you need to install the software on your Pc.

How to get the StartAllBlack software.

Go to the official StartAllBlack website.

StartAllBlack website to replace windows 11 start menu.

Scroll down to Download

Downloading the startAllBlack software to replace windows 11 start menu.
  • You could either pick on download or purchase the license key. If your goal is to try the 30-day free trial then the download option is for you.

Install the software on your PC

Pick a theme from the ones that are offered.

Start All Black menu to replace windows 11 menu.

Once you click the start button you will see a list of programs in two columns.

The left column will display most apps while the right will display the apps you have been using recently. You also have the option of looking at all the programs that are available on the PC.

StartAllBlack menu page

With these few steps, You have successfully installed and replaced the windows 11 start menu with StartAllBlack.

With the software, you’re able to manage your shortcuts through the menu. You can right-click on any folder to rename it, delete it, or copy it to a different location.

Moreover, you can change the size of the icons to something that fits you. To do this go to the start menu.

Start menu to replace windows 11 start menu

Here, you are able to make as many changes as you want. From changing the appearance of your icons to either displaying or not displaying the user picture.

If you have installed the program on your Pc, You could tell us how it works for you in the comment section.

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