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How To Redesign Tab Bar of Windows Terminal in Windows 11

Ever wanted to redesign the tab bar of the windows terminal on Windows 11 and you do not know how to go about it. Well, we are here for you. With Windows 11 one can redesign the tab bar of the windows terminal with a few simple steps.

The windows terminal is a multi-tabbed emulator that acts as a replacement for the Windows console. It runs on any command-line application with a separate tab. The windows terminal has been configured to run on a number of command-line applications such as ;

  • Azure Cloud shell connector
  • Command prompt
  • windows power shell
  • WSL
  • SSH

It’s important to note that the windows terminal application only works with Windows 10 and Windows 11. This means that it might probably not work with an older version of Windows such as Windows 8 and Windows 7. However, when it comes to windows 10, the windows operating system comes with a catch, you have to manually down the application for Windows 10 and install it on your computer.

The windows terminal has features that are barely found on any other command line and it would be nice to have a redesign and customize the windows terminal for a better experience.

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How To Redesign the Tab Bar of Windows Terminal

If you have always wanted to redesign the tab bar of the windows terminal then here are the steps you can use for Windows 11.

1. Open the windows terminal

If you don’t have the windows terminal you can download it from the Microsoft store and set it as your default terminal in the settings. Most Windows 11 however come with the windows terminal pre-installed so you don’t have to worry too much about that

To access your windows terminal, you can go to the Start menu of your PC.

windows terminal

2. Open the windows terminal settings

You can open the setting page by using the Windows + I. You could also press the drop-down menu at the top of the windows terminal and scroll down to settings.

Settings on windows terminal to redesign the tab bar on windows 11

3. Click on the startup

Now that you have already accessed the windows terminal settings, you can redesign any part of your windows terminal. On the start-up, you will be able to choose the Default profile label that you would want to use.

Windows terminal settings to redesign the tab bar

4. Choose a default profile from the drop-down menu.

You will have three options when choosing your preferred option. This could either be;

  • Window PowerShell
  • Command prompt
  • Azure Cloud Shell.
Windows terminal default profile to make changes on the windows terminal

5. Launch the windows terminal when the machine start-ups

To launch the Windows terminal immediately after the machine starts, Press on the toggle switch to put it on. The launch model is also located down below to show you how the Windows terminal will launch. You could either choose default mode, or Maximized mode which will enable your terminal to occupy the whole screen, Fullscreen, and Focus mode.

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Once you have changed all the settings as per your preferences, click on the Save button at the bottom of your screen to implement all the changes that you have made.

Now that you have designed your windows terminal to the settings you want, You are also able to change the font used on the windows terminal and the background themes. If you’ve always wanted to change the background and fonts of your windows terminal, then here are the steps you can follow.

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How to Redesign the background and fonts used on the Windows terminal tab bar.

We have settled on redesigning the windows terminal using Oh-My-Posh! and the Windows terminal themes for this tutorial. However, we have also attached the Scott hanselman tutorial to help you in case you’d want to use other means.

1. Open the Windows terminal

Open your Windows terminal so that you can make any changes that you want to redesign windows terminal.

3. Go on your web browser and search for Windows terminal themes

You could use any browser to access the Windows terminal themes. Just go to the search bar and type in Windows terminal themes. You could use the Windows terminal themes. dev to access different themes and colors. Copy the particular theme you are interested in and go back to your windows terminal.

4. Open Settings on your windows terminal

Opening the settings and scroll down to Open JSON file. Opening the JSON file will show you all the settings that you have for your windows terminal profile.

5. Scroll down to “Schemes ” on the JSON file.

After scrolling down to schemes, paste the particular theme you had copied onto the program. You could also make changes to the opacity of the particular color scheme you have chosen. To use the acrylic option, put a comma after the source and type in “use acrylic”: true. You can also add in the color scheme you had copied to change the theme of the Windows terminal.

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To make further changes to your Windows terminal,

6. Go to your web browser and search for “Oh my Posh themes

Oh my web page

7. Click on Get started

This will take you to the installation of the windows PowerShell.

Oh my posh web page to download windows terminal themes

8. Scroll to installation and copy the module and paste it to your windows Powershell.

installation of windows themes for the windows terminal

9. Install the repository on your Windows 11 to access all the different themes that are available.

After all the installations, the theme on your windows terminal will be changed. You could also make changes to the fonts by going back to Oh my posh and scrolling down to ” fonts. “

Fonts to customize windows terminal
Changing fonts on the windows terminal.

10. Download the nerd fonts.

Download and install the Nerd Font on your PC to use the different fonts available.

nerd fonts to redesign the tab bar on windows terminal

11. Configure the Windows Terminal to use the downloaded font.

This can be done by modifying the Windows Terminal settings (default shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + ,). In your settings.json file, add the font.face attribute under the defaults attribute in profiles:

“face”: “MesloLGM NF”
With these steps, you would have successfully redesigned the tab bar on your windows terminal.

To help with these steps, we have attached a video prepared by Execute Automation below that can also guide you through the process

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