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How To React to WhatsApp Messages With Emoji: Step by Step Tutorial.

Whatsapp is fast becoming the most popular social media application to send and receive messages from your friends and family. If you haven’t used it you’ll probably use it soon since most people are shifting their conversations to the application. The application has recently launched emojis to be used to react to messages. So, if you’re tired of sending cold messages that lack emotions then the emojis are for you. Whatsapp messages with an emoji allow you to tell your friends how you feel without typing it in words.

So what exactly are these emojis? And how can you use them when sending WhatsApp messages? Well, we’ll get to the second section in a bit. For now, let’s focus on what emojis are.

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Emojis are pictograms or smileys that can be embedded in text and web pages. They typically work with electronic messages and can give out emotional cues without having to write a whole conversation.

People love using emojis – it’s the expressive and fun language you can use to enliven your communication with friends. Whether it’s a winky face (:) or the cool sunglasses 😎 or even a face blowing kisses 💋, there are tons of 😊 emoji reactions you can use on any WhatsApp message.

Most Meta applications had already launched this feature and it was only a matter of time before WhatsApp got a hang of it. Remember that WhatsApp was recently purchased by Facebook making it a new addition to the Meta family after Instagram. Photo applications like Snapchat had already started using emojis to react to messages.

And yes, you can use reactive emojis on WhatsApp with both Android and iOS. If you have been looking forward to livening up your chats with emojis, then here is a step-by-step guide to get you going.

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How to react to WhatsApp messages with an Emoji.

For you to use the emojis on WhatsApp, you first have to download the app. The application can be downloaded on the google play store with a few simple steps. After downloading and setting up WhatsApp, enter your name and phone number, then go ahead and start typing away.

Whatsapp currently offers only six emojis to quickly react to messages. The rest of the emojis might launch later on though there is no official communication regarding the matter.

Quick reaction emojis on WhatsApp

Some of the quick reactions are ;

  • The heart emoji ❤️
  • Thumbs up emoji 👍
  • Laughing emoji 😂
  • Folded hands emoji 🙏
  • Sad but relieved face 😢
  • Face with open mouth 😯

Meaning of the quick reaction messages.

Here are some of the meanings of the emojis indicated above.

Thumbs up emoji.👍

This WhatsApp reaction emoji indicates approval.

Face with open mouth.😯

This emoji shows surprise and shock. It can also be used to show utmost disbelief and shock in a kind of ironic tone.

Sad but relieved emoji 😢

It’s a smiley that shows sadness but relief that things didn’t turn out worse. It also shows mild frustration and sadness.

The heart emoji ❤️

This classic emoji is used to show affection and romance. Moreover, it is an expression of love and is among the most used emojis.

Folded hands emoji 🙏

This emoji can be used as prayer hands or to reply to a message to show being thankful and appreciative. It is also used to say please on WhatsApp messages.

Laughing emoji 😂

The emoji shows something pleasing or funny and can be used to reply to something that is amusing.

Steps to access the react messages on Whatsapp.

After getting an insight into all the emojis that can be used to react to WhatsApp messages and their meaning, here is how you can use the emojis to liven your chat.

Open a specific WhatsApp chat.

Whatsapp chats to add an emoji

Head over to the conversation that you would wish to insert the reaction emoji.

Long press on the message you wish to react to.

Reaction emojis on WhatsApp chats

When you long-press the message, a pop-up appears that has the list of emojis that are indicated above.

Select the emoji you wish to react with.

Reaction emoji on WhatsApp

Press on the emoji that seems to fit the conversation. This will automatically appear on the chat and on the personal conversation.

You could also delete the emoji if you feel like it doesn’t fit the conversation.

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Deleting a reaction emoji from WhatsApp messages.

You might send an emoji by mistake or realize after some time that that might not have been the best reaction to a message. To delete the emoji ;

Press the reaction emoji that has been sent.

Pressing on the reaction emoji will be followed immediately by a little pop-up menu.

Reaction emoji on WhatsApp

Tap on the remove pop up to delete the emoji.

Tapping on ” tap on remove will automatically remove the reaction emoji on the conversation.

Deleting reaction emoji on WhatsApp

This works similarly to the delete message for everyone so you don’t have to worry about the emoji being seen by the person on the other end.

How to react to WhatsApp messages on the web.

The steps to be followed when using the WhatsApp application on your computer are slightly different from using your phone. You don’t have to worry about the steps being difficult since it is quite straightforward. Whatsapp not only enabled the reaction messages on WhatsApp for android but also WhatsApp for the web.

Open WhatsApp Web on your computer.

Go to the WhatsApp conversation where you wish to add the reaction emoji.

Reaction emoji on WhatsApp

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Press the message you wish to react to.

When you press the message a small smiley face will appear on the side.

Reaction emoji on WhatsApp

Press the smiley face

Reaction emoji on WhatsApp

Pressing on the smiley face will enable the six reaction emojis to appear. You can pick what works for you and send it to your friends and family.

Reaction emoji on WhatsApp

The steps to deleting the reaction message are similar to when you’re using your phone.

Deleting reaction emoji on WhatsApp

The steps of sending WhatsApp messages with an emoji are not hard. You could start using these emojis with your family and friends to make the conversation more interesting.

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