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How To Open/Access Disk Management in Windows 11? Step by Step 7 Methods.

Disk management is a property on windows 11 that enables you to perform advanced storage tasks. It is an essential tool, especially when setting up a new drive. Moreover, It helps you when you’re extending your storage volume. Some of the benefits of disk management include:

  • helps when setting up a new disk.
  • Used when partitioning some storage volume.
  • used when extending a new storage volume.

So, have you tried to access or open disk management on Windows 11, but you don’t know where to start? You do not have to panic, Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. There are so many ways you could access disk management and we have outlined all the steps in detail.

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How To Open/Access Disk Management in Windows 11

1.Through the search menu

Open the search bar and type “create and format hard disk”.

Create and format hard disk

Immediately after you start typing the results will appear on the search menu.

Click on open.

Disk management through the search button

After clicking on open you will be sent automatically to the disk management.

Disk management page

2.Through the task manager

Click on the windows button + X that will open the quick access menu.

Quick access menu

Scroll down to task manager.

Task manager on quick access page

Click on the task manager and head on to the file section.

File page to access disk management

Click on ”Run new task”

Run new task to access disk management

On the pop-up icon that will appear type in “diskmgmt.msc” on the text space.

Creating a new task through the task manager

Click on “OK” OR “Enter”

Ok button of the task manager

You will be directly taken to the disk management page.

Disk management page

3. Accessing through the control panel

Type in “control panel” on the search menu of your home page.

Control panel

Open the control panel and go-to systems and security.

System and security page

It is advisable to view this page through categories rather than large icons.

Scroll down to the windows tool.

Windows tool

On windows tool open “create and format hard disk partitions.”

Create and format hard disk option on the control panel

You would have successfully launched the disk manager.

Disk management page

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4. Through the Computer Management Application

The computer management application allows you to execute and manage different tasks on the computer. To access the computer management:

Open the search bar and type in computer management.

Computer management page

Open the computer management and scroll down to disk management under the storage icon.

Disk management

You now have access to information about your disk.

5. Accessing the disk management through the Power User menu or quick access

Press on Windows + X.

Quick access for disk management

This will directly take you to the quick access menu.

Click on Disk management

Quick access page

After clicking on disk management you would have launched the application.

6. Through the run menu

Click on Windows + R to launch the run command.

Run command page

Type in “diskmgmt.msc” on the text space.

Running the disk management command

Click on “Ok”

Run command page

You have launched the disk management tool successfully.

7. Opening ‘disk management’ through a power shell or command prompt.

Go to the search menu and type in windows terminal.

Windows terminal

You could also press the window + S button to directly access the search menu.

Open the Windows terminal or the Window PowerShell tab.

Windows terminal page

Type in “diskmgmt” and press enter.

Disk management command

You will be directed to the disk management application.

Disk management page
Disk management page

These are all the ways in which you can gain access to the application. You can access It through seven easy ways that are quick and direct to master.

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