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How To Match Your Makeup With Your Outfit

Have you ever wanted to leave the house with the perfect look that you’ve put together all morning? But as you look in the mirror, you realize that your makeup and your cute red dress don’t go together. It could be the eyeshadow looking too bright or the red lippies not matching your little brown dress. Well, this is something that most girls encounter. There are days when you want to match your makeup with your outfit, but nothing seems to cooperate.

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This should not deter you from using makeup. Makeup is an essential tool to most these days to help one look confident and elegant. And there is no shame in using makeup. If anything makeup is great to enhance the features that you have and give you a confidence boost, just like an energy drink.

If you’ve been finding it hard to match your makeup with your outfit, we have all the tips to help you. And trust me when I tell you we’ve dived into everything. From the perfect outfit for an all-natural look to times when you need to stand out with some red lippies.

Let’s not waste time and head on to the best ways to beautifully coordinate your makeup with your outfit.

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How to match your makeup with your outfit.

1. Go for a natural makeup look.

You can never go wrong with natural makeup. It should be your go-to look if you don’t seem to find the perfect makeup to match your outfit. And we are not saying that bold colors are bad. All we’re saying is that natural makeup is the safe option.

Imagine putting on a bold blue dress with a bold blue eyeshadow. Don’t you think that that would look a bit off. You should also consider natural makeup if you have on a mix of colors. This is because the mixing and matching of colors when it comes to your outfit limits what you can do with your makeup.

And we are not saying that you don’t use your yellow eyeshadow. All we are saying is you need to consider the clothes that you’ve worn. Try to avoid matching your makeup with your clothes. Keeping your makeup toned down when wearing loud colors gives your outfit the attention it deserves.

2. Play with color when wearing neutral colors.

So you’ve settled for a grey sweater, well how about matching that grey sweater with a silver eye or some bold eyeliner. This is the time for you to play with a bit of color since grey is a bit neutral.

You could also do this with colors such as burgundy or white. And how can we forget about black that literary goes well with any color? At least now you have an opportunity to use your yellow eyeshadow and make your face the star of the show.

3. Choose one feature to highlight when you’re wearing patterns (or multiple colors).

If you’re going for a bold outfit, pick one part of your face that you will highlight. It could be your eyes or lips or bold eyeliner. This is the perfect time to play with some bold lippies or a smokey eye that features some of the colors that you have worn. And remember not to go overboard with highlighting the feature. It might end up not looking as cute as you wanted it to.

Take an example of this bright floral dress. As you can see, the eyes have been highlighted with a color that matches the dress.

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4. Use your eye shadow as the starting point for a complementary makeup look.

Eye shadows tend to always be the first thing you notice when you see someone with makeup. And this is if they have some neutral colors or the lipstick they have on is not shouting. Starting with eyeshadow can be the perfect way to show you how to put on the rest of your makeup. Ensure that you mix up your finishes and include a neutral shade.

Starting with neutral shades with a brighter shade of eyeshadow may help keep the look more wearable. Moreover, it helps keep the look a bit toned down.

5. Know what kind of event you’re going to.

When going for an event, always know the type of event and the color scheme. You cannot go to a girl’s baby shower with a bold blue eyeshadow. Identify what the event is all about and pick a look and outfit based on the instructions on the invitation card.

If you’re going for a formal event, settle for neutral colors. This goes for both your outfit and your makeup. You could also use the dress you put on as inspiration for the type of makeup you settle on.

The color style and the crease will help you not only get the perfect hairstyle but the best makeup color palette to go with it.

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6. Start by matching smaller details, like eyeliner and earrings

If you have on a pair of glitter silver earrings, then add a little glitter of silver to your eyes. You could also use some blueliner with a pair of blue jeans just to match a few colors with your overall look. There is no rule that says the color of your outfit and your makeup cant match just a little.

7. Use the color wheel to select complementary shades.

The first trick when using the color wheel is to master undertones. You should know that there exist two types of colors; warm tones and cool tones. Colors such as red and orange fall under the warm tones while blue and green are considered to be cool tones. Yellow on the other hand is caught up between warm and cool and might go on either side.

To get the perfect match of your eyeshadow and outfit, look at the color of your outfit on the color wheel and choose the color that is opposite it your eyeshadow. You can use warm colors when wearing a cool outfit and vice versa. The trick with this is not to match but instead to get inspired by the outfit’s color scheme.

8. Add some sparkle!

You can never go wrong with a little sparkle. This especially goes for an event where glam is the order of the day. Some sparkle and glitter can help give your eyes and face some attention.

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9. Choose a lipstick that enhances you without being flashy.

Ever wanted to pull off the Mary Monroe look. Well, here is your chance. You can pick a red bold lipstick matched with a red dress and look stunning.

Certain colors allow you to get away with using them for your dress and your makeup. Or putting on a brown dress with some brown neutral lipstick, ain’t nothing with that.

10. Pick the right type of blush.

Choosing the right type of blush for your skin tone is essential. If you have a pink dress choosing a peachy or pink blush will help to accentuate the look. Mixing a different shade of blush and outfit will make your face appear a bit off which is not what we are going for. With blush, it is essential to also know your undertone so you stick to shades that are similar.

11. If you are wearing a lot of patterns, keep your eye makeup minimal.

This is when the no-makeup makeup look comes in handy. Use only what you need to enhance the features you have. This is because it is difficult to pair bold colors with an eyeshadow that won’t clash with the outfit. Never match your eyeshadow with your outfit! They never go well together.

12. Pick a color scheme for your outfit

If you’re not sure what that looks like, try picking something similar to what you see in the picture below. Now that you’ve picked a color scheme, go through your makeup collection and find colors that match those colors!

Put all of those colors together and voila! You’ve got yourself a look that perfectly matches your outfit!

13. Think about the colors in your outfit.

Are there any bright colors? Are there any neutral tones? Do you have any dark colors?

Next, think about what type of makeup you want to wear and how it will complement the rest of your outfit: For example, if you’re going for a bold red lip, but your dress is navy blue, maybe save it for another day—and instead try something more subtle.

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14. Go with the same color scheme

If your outfit has a lot of blues and purples, try wearing blue eyeshadow and purple lipstick to match. If your outfit has a lot of greens and yellows, try wearing green eyeshadow or gold eyeshadow (if it’s in the same family as yellow).

15. Pick out one key piece from your outfit and work from there

Maybe you have an awesome pair of shoes or a really cute bag that makes you want to wear those colors all over again. Use those as inspiration for your look—maybe you’ll use those colors as an accent on your face or lips, or maybe they’ll inspire the rest of the palette for your makeup look.

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Matching makeup with outfits can be tricky, but these tips will help you get it just right. It is also a great way to keep one’s look current and on-trend. With the tricks indicated above,matching makeup to an outfit can be easy and fun!

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