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How To Find Your WIFI password in Windows 11:Step by Step Guide

Ever had visitors coming to your house and you don’t seem to remember the WiFi password. Or you want to connect your phone to a WiFi network and you do not seem to remember what the WiFi password was. Not to worry, we have ways you could restore the passwords and enjoy the connection.

Your laptop automatically saves all Wifi passwords when you connect to one. If you’re having trouble locating these passwords, here is a step-by-step guide on how to locate the WiFi passwords. The passwords might be for active Wi-Fi networks or those that you have used in the past.

How To Find Your Wi-Fi Password in Windows 11

It is important to note that the first two steps work for active connections while the last one works on both active and past networks.

How to find your WiFi passwords through settings

Step one

  • Go to your homepage and click on the start button.
Settings for WIFI password access
  • Go to settings or use the Windows+ I buttons to go to settings directly.

Step two.

  • Click on Network and Internet.
Network and internet for WIFI password
  • Go to advanced network settings.
  • Now go to “related settings” then “More network adapter options”
Advanced network settings to access WIFI passwords

Step three

  • The options will open via the control panel.
  • Go to the WiFi option then to Wireless properties
WIFI password
WIFI properties to access WIFI passwords
  • Now go to the security section where a prompt page will appear with the WiFi password.

How to look for WiFi passwords via the control panel

  • On the search bar type control panel and open it.
Control panel
  • Click on network and internet.
  • Go to the network and sharing network center and click on the active network.
  • Go to wireless Properties and Go to the security option.
  • Click on show characters and you’ll have the WiFi password of the selected network.
WIFI password

Acessing WiFi passwords via Command prompt.

Step one

  • Search on the command prompt and run it as the administrator.
Command prompt
  • Type in netsh wlan show profile.
Command prompt showing wlan properties

Step two

  • The command prompt will give you a list of WiFi connections.
  • Copy the WiFi connection you want to connect to and paste it on the next command line by typing netsh wlan show profile name=WiFiconnectionName key=clear.

Remember to substitute the wifi connection name with the name of the WiFi connection whose password you’re looking for.

Accessing WIFI password through the command prompt
  • Now click enter and all the information will be displayed on the next command.

Accessing your WiFi passwords is not as hard as you may think. However, You could change the password to something more memorable so that you don’t have to go through all these processes. If you’re having trouble connecting to WiFi networks you could read this article on the possible issues

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