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How to Execute Parrot Makeup look

A parrot makeup look is something that one should definitely try, especially if you want a change in your everyday makeup look. The look is bold and beautiful and might make you stand out in a crowd full of people. It could be the various colors that are incorporated into the parrot makeup look or the fact that the blend of colors gives you an elegant and stunning finished look. And who wouldn’t want to go a bit wild once in a while?

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The parrot makeup look usually has one area as the center of attention since it is truly bold and beautiful. It incorporates the use of various colors found on the color wheel and mimics the colors that can be found on the parrot. Some of the colors you could incorporate into your parrot makeup look include :

  • Bright green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • gray
  • red
  • Orange

And I know what you’re thinking, all these colors on one face? Well, trust me they go great together especially when you blend them in enough to create the perfect transitions from each color. Moreover, the look has been accepted by the fashion industry, and it’s not something new to see a model dolled up with a range of colors.

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Tips when executing the parrot makeup look

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you as you dive into using these old colors. For starters, the look has its own set of events and might not be the perfect look for an official meeting or a job interview. For such occasions, you might need some toned-down makeup looks such as the French makeup looks that we looked at recently. The parrot makeup look is ideal for wild parties and night-outs when you feel like going wild and being the center of attention. And don’t forget Halloween when you get to be whoever you want for a night.

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Secondly, you need to pay close attention to some details during the application process. For example, if you want to make your eyes colorful, then it’s better to choose green and blue colors as the base. If you’re going for something that’s a bit bright, then it’s better to settle for colors such as red, orange, or purple colors as the base. When it comes to looks that are more vivid, yellow and orange should be the colors you choose as your base.

If you have always wanted to try the parrot makeup look and don’t know where to start then this is the article for you. Here are some of the best parrot makeup looks to try.

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Best parrot makeup looks

We have outlined the looks based on a number of factors, from a full face of parrot makeup to some looks which will focus on just one area of your face.

1. Go for a bold parrot eye look

The best way to execute a parrot makeup look is to focus the colors of the look on the eye. That way, you’ll have the perfect eye makeup look that is full of life. For you to execute the perfect parrot eye makeup, here are a few tips to act as a guide.

1. Orange, yellow, and red-eye makeup combination for the parrot makeup look

For starters, start with an eye base which you will have to apply all over the eyelid. Depending on the colors you want, you will have to pick a base color that is close to the finished look. If you want a vivid orange eye, then yellow or some type of brown eye shadow can act as the perfect base. Blend this onto your eyelid then add some more concentrated colors such as orange or red. You could also go for a yellow inner lid with a red outer lid that slowly transitioned from orange. Finish the look with some gel eyeliner that might be black or colored to create the perfect winged look.

You can also use some colored mascara to line your bottom lash line and add some pop of pink to your lips to finish the look. To make the most out of your look, play with some color on your brows and now you’re ready to rock the day.

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2. All in one color combination

This eye makeup look is a bit different from the previous look since it tries to incorporate all the colors you will find on a part. The trick with this look is blending and precision since one wrong move might shift to a clown-themed makeup look. Start with a brown base after a little primer to help your eyeshadow stay for the whole day. Follow this with a blend of blue and green until the colors have completely integrated well into the eye.

Apply some concealer at the middle of the eye and start off with a yellow eye shadow as the base for the concealed part. Let the corners of the ye remain yellow and follow the rest of the look with some pink and purple ensuring that the transition from one color to another is as neat as possible. Finish off with some black winged eyeliner and some mascara and you’re good to go.

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2. Use some bold eyeliner

If you have always wanted to play around with color eyeliner then this is definitely the time to show your wild side. Settle for some orange or yellow eyeshadow and finish of the look with some colored pink or even blue eyeliner. If you want something that’s more settled and can be worn for the office then ensure that the eyeshadow is a bit toned down so as to make the blue eyeliner the star of the show

However, you can always ditch the good girl vibes and go for something more appealing and bold such as a combination of all colors as your eyeliner.

Moreover, with this type of look, you can use the COOSA Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil Set which comes with a variety of colors to help you achieve this look.

Try any of the looks written above and tell us which one worked for you. The parrot makeup look is a simple and easy-to-execute look that you should totally try. It is a fun and creative way to express yourself ad can be used on special occasions such as cocktails and parties.

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