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How To Execute Black Smokey Eye With Glitter makeup: Step by Step Guide.

Makeup is a fun art form. It can transform your look completely, and it doesn’t take too much time out of your day to do your makeup. That’s why makeup is so popular these days. Now imagine yourself with a black smokey eye and some glitter. Isn’t that a look that you would wish to have?

A classic black and smokey eye with a pop of glitter is not something that is too hard to achieve. All you need is the correct type of tools, and you’re good to go. And you don’t have to worry about googling the type of brushes you will need for this look since we have everything outlined for you.

A black smokey eye is an attractive and daring look that can be worn for a night out or an event where your eyes are the star of the show. With just a few practices here and there, you can pull off this look with no worries.

We have even mentioned the best products you could use for this look and the places you can find them. If you’ve been wanting to try this look, then here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

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How to execute Black smokey eye with glitter.

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of getting the perfect smokey eye. Let’s start with what you will need to execute this look.

Products for a black smokey eye with glitter.

1. At least two to three hues of black

For you to get the perfect smokey eye you need at least three hues of black to help you get started. You could also start with a grey base or a nude brown base so that the smokey eye looks perfectly executed.

Black and gray are the most common colors that are picked to be the starter, though brown tones still work well, especially for warm skin tones. You could try using this blowin’ smoke eyeshadow palette that can be found on Amazon.

2. An eyelid primer.

An eyelid primer works just like a face primer. It improves the texture of your skin, especially in the eye area. This helps your eye makeup to appear smoother and last throughout the day.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your smokey eye creasing away as the day progresses. You could apply it with a makeup brush or let your fingers do the job.

An eye primer is applied as a base and can be extremely useful to people with oily skin that tends to sweat a lot.

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3. Blending brushes

Makeup brushes are essential for this look. This is because you’ll be required to blend out the makeup and your finger won’t really do a good job. It reduces the cakeyness that may arise from makeup and gives you an even makeup application.

It also helps to reduce the amount of product that goes to waste when applying makeup. If you’ve been looking for the perfect blending brushes, then read this article on the different types of brushes and how to use them.

4. A dark gel eyeliner

Gel liners can be used to create solid colors without having to put so many layers. They can also enhance the look of the black smokey eye with glitter since you can smudge it around to create the perfect contrast.

To help you apply gel eyeliner, you will need to use a thin brush. These brushes can be found on Amazon in various sizes and colors.

5. Mascara.

Mascara is perfect for defining your lashes and adding some volume. It adds some thickness to your lashes which helps to draw attention to your eyes. And when it comes to a black smokey eye with some sparkle, attention is always the end goal.

It also helps create definition for your face and your overall makeup look. If you’ve been debating on which type of mascara to use, try the YSL beauty Mascaravolume Effet Faux Cils found at Sephora. The l’oreal Paris voluminous lash mascara is also a good option and can be purchased online on Amazon.

6. Makeup removing wipes.

These wipes are essential especially when cleaning up the final look. It could be a smudge of mascara that went to the wrong place or some specs of eyeshadow that fell onto the skin. You could also use a large fluffy makeup brush if you had already applied your foundation.

However, it is advised that you start with your eye makeup before you can head on to blending in the perfect shade of foundation on your skin.

7. Glitter

What is a black smokey eye without a pop of glitter? And ain’t that the whole idea of the article! Glitter is a definite show-stopper to give your eyelids a bit of sparkle. Get some dream dust glitter eyeshadow for this look and let your eyes be the center of attention!

Now that we have exhausted all the things you need for this look, here is the black smokey eye with glitter tutorial.


Start with a clean face.

A clean face is essential when applying makeup. Ensure you have moisturized and added some toner and sunscreen to protect your skin. If you don’t know how to prime your skin, here is a little article we wrote on the steps the French follow before applying makeup.

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Apply the eye primer.

Let the primer seat for a while before you proceed with the next steps. You should wait for at least a minute to help prevent any patchiness or pilling to occur.

Apply the lighter shade of eyeshadow.

Use the light shade to highlight your browbone and inner eye corners. This makes it easier for you to blend in the darker shade later. You could either use a settled gray, dark brown or even a black eyeshadow as the base.

Blend in the dark black eyeshadow.

After blending in the lighter eyeshadow. Go in with some dark eyeshadow. Swirl the eyeshadow brush from the outer corner of your eyes and the bottom of your eyelids.

Keep blending for as long as possible till it naturally fades from the dark eyeshadow to the lighter eye shadow. You can use more eye shadow if you feel like the first scoop was not enough. Ensure you run the black eyeshadow across the crease of your eye to create the classic smokey eye shape.

Apply the glitter of your choice.

It is time to apply your glitter eyeshadow of your choice; make sure that you use eyelash glue or any clear tape to fix the glitter on your eyelids because glitter has the tendency of spreading all over the face in no time at all!

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Go in with some Gel eyeliner

You can start applying eyeliner till your desired comfort level on both upper and lower eyelids according to your wish. For more drama, you can wing out your eyeliner as well.

Finish off with Mascara.

Lastly, apply the mascara on both upper and lower lashes according to your wish along with fake lashes on top, if needed! You could also wiggle your brush a bit to curl up those lashes and help with definition.

Clean off the messes.

This is where the makeup removal wipes come in handing. Use them to remove the smudge of mascara that went onto the skin and those particles of eyeshadow that were a bit misplaced. Use a blending brush for some final touches and you’re done with the smokey eye.

Getting the perfect smokey eye with glitter is such an easy thing to do with these simple steps!

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