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How To Do Premiere on YouTube in 2022: Step by Step Tutorial

Ever wanted to turn your next youtube video into a Premiere on YouTube and you do not how to go about it? We are here to help you and give you a step-by-step tutorial to bring your video to life.

Youtube is a video streaming application that has been in existence for the past twenty years. The platform allows creators to create content and share it on various platforms and for different audiences to watch. The video service is available on all platforms from mobile phones to laptops and gives creators a platform to create and share videos from VR to Livestream.

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YouTube is the most famous and most popular video-sharing site in the world. The video streaming application has been in existence for the past twenty years and continues to thrive each day. It has not only grown in the number of users but also in the number of creators, which has risen over the years.

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The application is a subsidiary of Google, which is not only the biggest Internet company in the world but also one of the most valuable companies in the world that have revolutionized the concept of search and search advertising. Many people enjoy watching videos on this site as they are well made and easy to understand.

What is a youtube premiere?

Now that we have all the background information on Youtube let’s get to understand what a youtube premiere is and if it’s different from a Youtube live. A youtube premiere is a pre-recorded video that can be uploaded to youtube at a set time. A premiere video usually has a count-down timer before the video starts. After the countdown, viewers will have to wait for an additional 60 seconds after the notification telling them of the premier video.

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A premiere video allows users to carry out live chats with other users and also the creator of the video. Users are also able to comment on the video and either like or dislike it.

However, with a youtube premiere users cannot forward the video the first time it plays. After the first play, however, users can forward the video.

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If you have always wanted to do a premiere and grow your audience we are here for you. You can follow the steps below to help you launch a Youtube premiere on Youtube.

How to create a youtube premier

Remember that a premiere is supported from all platforms be it your home computer or iPad. To create a premiere ;

1. Open Youtube on your PC.

This will take you to the home page where you can upload a video

YouTube icon

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2. On the top right corner, click on the video icon.

This will open two menus. You can either upload a video or go live.

Video icon to upload a premiere video on YouTube
Video icon on the top right corner of Youtube.

3. Click on “Upload Video”

You will be required to select the file you wish to upload to youtube.

Upload video to premiere video on YouTube
Upload video icon at the top right corner

4. Edit the elements of the video

This will require you to fill out the title and the description of the video. You will also be required to add the video elements such as the end screen and the video cards together with a custom thumbnail if you have one.

Video elements of a premiere video
Edit video elements on Youtube

5. Set the video as public on the visibility page.

When the video is set to public, an icon will appear if you wish to set the video as an instant premiere on youtube.

Setting an instant premiere video

If you don’t want the video to be instantly premiered;

1. Schedule the video

Scheduling the video will make the video appear on a specific day and time.

Scheduling a premiere video

2. Click on the set as YouTube premiere

This will allow your scheduled video to be premiered on the day and time that you have set.

Setting a premiere video

3. Set up the premiere video,

Setting up the premiere video entails choosing the count-down theme and the count-down time. The count-down time will vary from one minute to five minutes.

4. Save all the changes you’ve made

Ensure you click the save button so that the changes you have made can be implemented on the premiere video.

5. Click on schedule.

This will allow the video to be scheduled to premiere on a specific day that you have chosen.

Editing information on a YouTube premiere video

If you wish to make any changes to the premiere video ;

1. Click on the premiere video.

This will open up five icons including the edit icon

2. Click on the edit icon.

The edit section will allow you to make any changes to your premiere video.

3. Go to edit premiere at the bottom right of the Youtube studio page.

This will allow you to make changes to the premiere video such as the count downtime and theme.

Editing a premiere video

After scheduling the premiere video, you will be able to check out your watch page. A watch party page will be created by youtube for the premiere video together with a live chat page where users can engage with you as the creator and other users. The live chat feature will however be disabled if the video is set for kids.

If you wish to create a buzz about your premiere, ensure you have the link to the premiere video on various social media platforms. You could also recommend your fans set a reminder so that they are notified when the video is about to go public.

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What happens before, during, and after the premiere video?

A public watch page is created by Youtube before the premiere video starts. The viewers cannot watch the premiere video before the premiere. However, the URL for the premiere is available to the public even before the video.

Premiere videos are just the same as regular videos and will still appear on video recommendations and search pages after they have premiered. However, if you have a Community guideline strike, your premiere video won’t be published during the penalty period.

Before the premiere. a countdown usually starts before the premiere. After the countdown, users will be able to watch the video in real-time. It’s important to note that users will not be able to forward the video as a premiere video. After the premiere, the video appears like your regular uploads on your YouTube studio. The count-down timer, however, will not appear when the video has already premiered.

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