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How To Do Grasshopper Exercise

So, you’ve been hearing about grasshopper exercise and you’re wondering what it is. Do not be scared, in this article we are going to tell you all about it. We’ll even show you how to do the grasshopper exercise and all the benefits that come with it.

So let’s start with the basics. What is grasshopper exercise? It is a type of pilate exercise that focuses on the glutes. Did I lose you on the pilate part? A pilate exercise is a low-impact exercise that basically relies on one’s body weight and has a type of rhythm. Now we can go back to grasshopper exercise. It can also be referred to as a type of calisthenic exercise that helps one to achieve body fitness. No equipment is needed to perform the grasshopper exercise and there is no need to hire a professional to help you with the exercise. Trust me when I tell you you can handle the exercise all on your own.

This type of exercise works on three muscles. The primary muscle that benefits is the glute. Other muscles that also benefit from this exercise include the hamstring and muscles on the lower back. The exercise might not be a walk in the park during the first few days but with constant practice it becomes bearable.

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How to do the grasshopper exercise?

Lie flat on the stomach, raise your knees and point your heels inward, lift up your thighs upwards exhaling then downwards inhaling.

What is a grasshopper exercise?

It is a low-impact exercise that focuses on the glutes primarily.

What to do instead of grasshopper exercises

T raise, superman, and bicycle crunches.

Benefits of the Exercise

  • It helps to strenghthen the glutes. Why?Because glutes are the primary muscles that benefit from this exercise.
  • Helps to prevent back injuries . Muscles of the lower back are usually enegaged when performing this type of exercise.
  • Helps to strengthen the thighs.
  • Helps in body cordination and general body posture.
  • Can be a less intense means for someone who wants to burn some calories.
  • Helps to lengthen the hamstrings.
  • Helps one to gain endurance during exercising.

How to do the Grasshopper Exercise

  • Lie flat on your stomach ensuring your chest is on the floor.
  • Use your hands as a support tool for your chin.
  • Separate your legs and open your toes.
  • Your heels should be on the opposite side of each other and should be turned inwards.
  • Bend your knees making your heels and toes touch.
  • Raise your thighs off the floor and exhale when lifting your legs.
  • Lower back your thighs and inhale when bringing them down.
  • Repeat this procedure for one minute exhaling each time your bring your thighs up and inhaling when bringing them down.

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Pointers when doing the exercise

  • Do not lift your legs too high. If you feel the weight of your legs on your back when lifting them up them you’re probably doing the wrong thing.
  • Only your hip bone should be lifted. If your pelvic bone is lifted from the ground it’s probably not a grasshopper exercise.
  • Always ensure that your heels are turned inwardly.
  • You can always try the T raise exercise as a warm-up to help make the grasshopper exercise be easier.

Grasshopper crossfit

It is a type of grasshopper exercise that works on the abs.


  • Turn your body to face the floor and use your arms for support.
  • Your back and hips should be elevated.
  • Push your chins against your arms with the left chin touching your right arm and your right chin touching your left arm.
  • Repeat this procedure severally ensuring that your hips are positioned lower than you head.

Try this simple exercise at home and help your glutes gain strength.



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