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How To Design a Master Bedroom Closet

It’s about time for our discussion about a master bedroom closet because let’s face it, without good clothes storage solutions how would your wardrobe even exist. Now, I’m sure you’ve visited a ton of homes and seen that the master bedroom closet varies in space and style in regard to interior decorating. If that’s the case and have already gained a number of ideas on what designs you would like to employ, then it might be better to start planning the construction based on the selection of materials and hardware.

A master bedroom closet design is the first thing that you should consider before focusing on any other part of your master bedroom. In your master bedroom closet, there will be vanity mirrors, makeup tables, clothes racks, shoe racks, and other necessary stuff for your daily routine.

Finding the perfect way to design your master bedroom closet is no walk in the park. The master bedroom is the most important room in the house. It needs a unique and elegant wardrobe to act as the cherry on top of ice cream.

When designing the master bedroom closet, certain factors need to be put into consideration beforehand. These factors include:

  • The size of the room
  • Design of the room
  • Direction of light
  • Location of the toilet ad bathroom
  • The desired location of the bed.

After putting into consideration all these factors, finding the perfect design won’t be too hard. To help you, here are a few master bedroom designs you could try.

How to design a master bedroom closet

Use glass displays.
Add good lighting to the room.
Place a walk-in closet.
Use stools and benches to act as extra storage spaces.

How big is a master bedroom closet

A master bedroom closet size depends on the entire area of the room. If the room is big then you could place a walk-in closet

How to build a master bedroom closet

Use mirrored closet door and place display cabinets

How to organize master bedroom closet

Use display cabinets or glass displays that have separators. They can be quite helpful to create an illusion of space, block unwanted sounds into the master bedroom and define a particular area in your bedroom.

What is the average size of a master bedroom closet

7 to 10feet especially if it’s a shared closet.

Master bedroom closet designs

1. Walk-in master bedroom closet

Walk-in closet for the master bedroom

Trust me when I tell you you can never go wrong with this type of closet. Not only do you get enough space for your clothes but also you get to create an elegant design for your room. A walk-in closet is a great way to declutter your bedroom. Additionally, it helps you separate the dressing area from the rest of the room.

If you have a lot of space in your bedroom a walk-in closet would be the perfect option. You could even have separate areas so that no one gets to interfere with your personal space. This will help everyone to be cautious about where they throw their dirty socks.

A walk-in closet is also good for a master bedroom because you could incorporate an island in the middle.No need to cramp up all your makeup in the bathroom. You could get the pleasure of drawing your eyebrows in the comfort of your closet. Moreover, with any extra space, you could incorporate a sitting area.

The design also helps you locate your clothes easily. You will never lose your favorite leather jacket.

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2. Place the Master bedroom closet near the bathroom area

Ever noticed how hectic it is to get out of the bathroom and start looking for what to wear. Well, what if you put your closet near the bathroom area. This will help you get out of the shower and straight to your ironed suits without a hitch. You won’t have to get to the bed before getting dressed. A closet near your bathroom also helps to prevent messes in the sleeping area. You could use this design to make your master bedroom less cluttered.

Bathroom next to the master bedroom closet
Image courtesy of max-artbovich

The best thing about placing your closet near the bathroom is that you can have a walk-in closet with a washer and dryer. Say goodbye to the wet floors from all the water that drips from your hair!

3. Use display cabinets in the master bedroom closet

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Having displayed shelves helps you organize your clothes into different categories. This will help you locate your clothes easier. It’s like walking into a boutique only that this time it will be your bedroom. Display shelves also help you separate different types of clothes be it dresses, trousers or bags. You won’t be taking too long to prepare when you can see everything you need.

Display cabinets create a modern closet feel in your room. In addition, it helps create an illusion of space inside the master bedroom.

Display cabinets could also be incorporated into a walk-in closet making it one of the perfect master bedroom closet designs.

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4. Place mirrors on the doors of the closet.

Mirrors on the master bedroom closet doors.
Image courtesy of Pinterest

You can never go wrong with mirrors in the room. Use your closet doors to hold the mirrors and see a transformation in the room. Mirrors in the closet will help you when getting ready in the morning. You could try on different outfits and find the perfect one by looking at yourself in the full-length mirror.

Mirrors are also a good way to create an illusion of space inside the room. Moreover, they can reflect the light inside the closet and make it more bright and lively.

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5. Add good lighting to your master bedroom closet.

Lighting always makes a difference in the room. Try incorporating low-hanging chandeliers into your closet to bring in more light. You could also install under cabinets light to bring your closet to life. They also act as additional light sources for your bedroom.

Ensure your place the lights in a strategic location so that they do not seem out of place. Lighting is a good addition to a master bedroom especially one that is in an area that doesn’t get to see the sunset or sunrise.

6. Incorporate artwork in the storage area.

Getting the perfect artwork can help create rhythm inside your closet. They help your master bedroom to come to life and create a more unique feel to the room. Art can go a long way, especially in a closet that has neutral and natural colors. Artwork can be used to break a space and provide color inside your closet.

Master bedroom closet mirrors acting as wall art

7. Use glass closet separators

A glass display can be a great way to accessories your master bedroom closet. They create a sophisticated and classy atmosphere in your room. Glass is a creative way to display either your shoes or bags. You could use either mirrored glasses or clear glass depending on your preference. Try incorporating glass closet separators and transform your master bedroom closet.

8. Incorporate stools and benches

Stools and benches can not only help you put on your high heels shoes but also act as good areas to sit on as you think of what to wear. You could either go for wooden stools or something victorian with a unique and elegant design. Stools can be added anywhere in the master bedroom closet from the island to a little dressing corner.

Ottoman stool for the master bedroom closet

You could also custom make the stools in the master suite closet that are hollow inside to act as storage spaces. If you`re into such
then read the articles we wrote on the best chairs to use in the bedroom.

Ensure you take something that small and unique to act as a form of decor to your master bedroom.

9. Incorporate a jewelry wall hanger in your master closet

Finding that one earring can be hectic and annoying. What about that silver necklace that you never seem to get. You could prevent all these problems by adding a jewelry hanger to your master closet. A jewelry hanger will help you organize all your jewelry preventing them from getting lost. You could decide to custom make it to fit into your closet or buy one from a furniture shop.

Your master bedroom closet can be a place of relaxation, inspiration, and maybe even a little triumph. Customize your design with fun accents and awesome ideas we have given to you.

We hope you have enjoyed our master bedroom designs. Designing a master bedroom closet is not inherently difficult because there are so many templated you can use for inspiration. However, you have to find one that not only fits into the available space in your bedroom But also gets along with the general feel of the bedroom.

Try these master bedroom closet ideas and tell us which one works for you.

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