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How To Customize Folder Thumbnail in Windows 11: Step by Step Tutorial

Are you tired of the folder icon and wish for something more personal and eye-catching. It could be a photo of your favorite meal or that cute photo of your dog. Well, we got you. It is actually possible to customize a folder thumbnail on windows 11 with just a few clicks. If you have been wondering how to do this, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out.

In this article, we are not only going to show you how to customize a folder thumbnail on windows 11 but also customize special folders on your desktop.

How To Customize Folder Thumbnails in Windows 11.

Follow the steps below to customize either standard folders or desktop icons.

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How to customize thumbnails on standard folders.

Standard folders are the folders that you have saved on your Pc. They could either be a bunch of pictures you took on a trip or some documents you have saved. To customize the thumbnail:

Right-click on the folder you’d wish to customize.

 customize a folder thumbnail
customize a folder thumbnail

Click on properties.

Folder properties to Customize folder thumbnail.

Go to customize that’s found at the end of the list presented and click on it.

Customize folder thumbnail

Scroll down to change the icon and click on it.

Changing icon to customize folder thumbnail

You will be presented with a list of other icons that you could choose from.

Customize folder thumbnail

If you are not really satisfied with the pictures that have been provided you have the option of picking any picture from your laptop. To do this :

Click on the browse button that’s located on the far right of the page you’re in.

Browsing for folder icon

Click on browse.

Customize folder thumbnail

This will take you to a page where you could pick a picture from a folder on your laptop.

After you have chosen what you want click on Ok.

Customize folder thumbnail

You have managed to customize a folder thumbnail.

How to customize thumbnail on desktop folders.

The process of customizing the thumbnail on desktop folders is slightly different from other standard folders. Desktop folders include the recycle bin and other special folders. To customize the folders icon you can follow the steps indicated below.

Go to the start menu and search for settings.

You could also click on the windows +I button to make your work easier.

Settings page

Go to personalization and click on it.

Personalization in settings to Customize folder thumbnail

Now go to the theme section and click on it.

Theme to Customize folder thumbnail

Scroll down to related settings.

Desktop Icon settings to Customize folder thumbnail

Click on the arrow located on the far right.

Customize folder thumbnail

This will take you to a page where you can choose the icon you’d wish to customize.

choosing desktop icon to customize

After selecting the desktop icon you wish to change click on “Change Icon.”

You are now able to select an icon from the ones provided.

Customize folder thumbnail

If you are not satisfied with either one of them, Go to the browse section.

Click on Browse.

Customize folder thumbnail
  • Clicking on browse will take you to a different page where you could choose the picture you would want to appear instead of the icon provided by Windows.
  • After choosing what you’re comfortable with, click on Ok.
  • Your PC will take you to the previous page where you will click on Apply.

After following all these steps, You would have successfully customized the folder on Windows 11.

You can go back to your homepage and see what your new icon looks like. If it has not yet been reflected, You can refresh the page so that the changes you made can be displayed.

To refresh the page;

Right-click on the homepage. A small menu will appear with a list of options

New folder page

Click on refresh.

How to refresh homepage

Now you’re able to see the new Icon.

Restoring the default icon on a folder.

Remember that you could always go back to previous icons when you get tired of the new icons. If you want to do this;

  • Right-click on any folder or the one that you wish to restore.
  • Go to properties
  • A new page will appear with a list of options,
  • Click on customize then scroll down to change the icon.
  • On the new pop-up page, Click on Restore Defaults.

You have now gone back to the old icons that were previously there.

I hope we have helped you customize your folder, in case of anything you could always comment down below and tell us how the guidelines worked out for you.

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