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How To Change Recycle Bin Icon to Catbin in Windows 11

Nobody likes to work with boring and simple Windows icons. Everyone wants to customize their laptops to be able to really feel like it belongs to them. So, what better way to do this than to change the recycle bin Icon to the catbin icon on windows 11.

If you are bored of seeing the Windows Recycle Bin and want to change it to something more cute or funny then you’re in the right place. Catbin is a free software that changes Windows Recycle Bin to the Catbin icon. And it is not just a simple change, actually, it is recreating the whole interface and making the Recycle Bin look like a cat rather than a simple bin.

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Designed by Shaheen Noorani, Catbin is simply a transparent .ico file that you can copy and paste onto your computer. It’s easy and free, the perfect addition to your laptop to make it more fun and interesting.

Without wasting any time let’s head on to changing the recycle bin icon to the catbin icon on your Windows 11 PC.

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How To Change Recycle Bin Icon to Catbin

Even though Windows has a set of default icons you could pick as your recycle bin, the catbin option is not one of the icons you could use. To get the catbin icon as your recycle bin on Windows 11:

1. Download the catbin icon

To download the catbin icon use this link to access the pop cat icon. The link will take you to a google drive file where you will be able to download the Catbin icon to be used in this tutorial.

2. Open the downloaded file and Extract the catbin icon using Winrar

WinRAR compresses the downloaded file to formats such as RAR and ZIP which make it more efficient for you to use the just downloaded file format on Windows 11. However, this is not the only option that you have if you wish to extract the file. You could also use applications such as PeaZip or 7-Zip to compress the newly-downloaded file.

3. Go to settings

After downloading and extracting the file, head on over to the start menu and go to the settings page. You could also press the Ctrl + Alt + S keyboard shortcut to bring up the Settings page.

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4. Head over to personalization

After opening the settings page head on over to personalization.

5. Click on themes

Click on the themes icon located on the right side of Your windows 11 operating system.

6. Click on Desktop Icon settings

On clicking the desktop icon settings a menu will appear with a variety of desktop applications .

7. Click on the recycle bin check box

This will allow you to make changes to the desktop icon that you have chosen.

8. Click on Change icon

This will allow you to browse through your downloads and pick on the catbin option that you have just downloaded.

9. Click on browse

Clicking on browse will open up a file explorer window where you’ll be able to select the catbin icon. Select the file with the close mouth cat icon and press on ok.

10. Click on recycle bin( Empty)

Click on the recycle bin empty and press the change icon button at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

11. Select the open mouth catbin option

Click on the open mouth cat bin option and click on Open then tap on okay. Click on apply to save all the changes and close the settings page. Once you are done with everything ;

12. Head over to the Registry Editor

You can go to the start menu and search for the registry editor. Click on yes on the pop-up that appears when you open the registry editor.

Registry editor to change recycle bin icon
Registry editor

13. Follow the path indicated below on the registry editor

You don’t have to worry about copying the path below word to word. You could just copy the entire path and paste it on the registry editor.


14.Double click on “Full “

In the value data enter ,0 and click on ” OK’

Location on registry editor to change the recycle bin icon

15.Click on ” Empty”

Double click on empty and add ,0 on the value data.

Editing string value on registry editor to change the recycle bin icon to Catbin

Once you have changed the value, you would have successfully changed your recycle bin to the catbin Icon On your Windows 11 pc.

If you are having trouble finding the extracted files, you could create specific folders on your PC to help you locate the files once you want to change the recycle bin icon on personalization.

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Having a cat bin icon is great. Not only does it bring a little humor to our day, but also makes your computer more fun. Hopefully, this guide has fulfilled its purpose, and you enjoy the new cat bin icon on Windows 11.

Incase of anything , you could also watch this video prepared by bytes Media to help you with the steps .

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