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How To Change Mouse Speed in Windows 11

A mouse is an essential tool, especially when navigating through a laptop. It helps as you move through pages, creating a seamless transition from one page to another. So what happens when you want to change the mouse speed on Windows 11? Is it totally possible to change your mouse speed on Windows 11 and still get to enjoy the perks that come with using a mouse?

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Mouse speed relates to the pointer’s sensitivity, scrolling, and pointer icon. Pointer sensitivity refers to how fast your mouse is able to navigate through the screen. So how can you change mouse speed on Windows 11? Here is a step-by-step guide on changing your pointer’s sensitivity.

How to Change Mouse Speed in Windows 11

1. Go to the start menu, then go to settings.

The settings page will allow you to access different areas where you can make changes to your mouse.

Settings page
settings page on windows 11

2. Click on Bluetooth and devices and go to the mouse tab.

The mouse tab is located just under the camera tabs and allows you to make some changes to the speed of your mouse.

Bluetooth and devices page

3.Adjust the mouse pointer speed slider to what is comfortable for you.

The mouse pointer speed is a measure of how fast or slow your mouse moves across your screen. The faster it is, the faster you’re able to move on your screen.

Mouse speed adjustment page

You will also be able to alter the size and color of the pointer from this page.

How to change the mouse pointer style

The mouse pointer style refers to a graphical image on your computer that echoes the movements of the pointing device such as the mouse.

1. Go to settings, and then to accessibility.

Accessibility page

2. Go to the mouse pointer and touch and select the style that you prefer.

This will allow you to change the pinter style and size to what fits you.

Mouse pointer and touch

You will also be able to adjust the pointer size on this page.

Accessibility page

Changing the pointer speed is possible in many ways apart from the settings. You could also use the control panel to change your pointer’s sensitivity. Here are the steps to guide you through the process.

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How to change mouse speed through the control panel

The settings page is not the only way you are able to change your mouse pointer speed. You could also use the control panel which will allow you to access some mouse pointer options on Windows 11.

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1. Click on the start menu and search for the control panel.

Start page to access the control panel
start button search for the control panel

2. Go to the hardware and sound section in the control panel.

hardwre and sound section of control panel to change mouse speed

3.Under the devices and printer, there is a mouse icon as the third option.

Devices and printer to change mouse speed

4.Click on the mouse icon to open more mouse properties.

Opening the mouse properties will allow you to select the pointer speed you’re comfortable with. It will also enable you to make changes to the visibility of your mouse icon and other types of mouse settings.

Mouse properties to change mouse speed on windows 11

5. Go to the Pointer option and open it.

You will get options where you can change the mouse speed to your liking.

Moreover, you have the option of hiding the pointer while typing and showing its location using the ctrl key.

6.Click on apply and close the windows to change mouse speed

After following the steps above, you should have managed to adjust the mouse pointer speed to what is comfortable for you. You also get the option of applying different settings, such as changing the double click speed, pointer style, and much more.

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