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How to become a virtual helper and Make $40K per Year

In case you are coordinated, organized, and inventive, turning into a remote helper could be a very profitable stage in your online journey.

As a virtual helper, you will work from home, frequently set your own time to work, and show off your hospitality to customers that need your help. Furthermore, records the normal remote helper yearly compensation as about $40K, yet some report making $40 each hour (or $83K yearly) or more. Amazing right?

Obviously, the more you make has a lot to do with how long you work and the type of employment you acquire.

This post will assist you with figuring out how to turn into a remote helper. In it, we cover:

  1. What does a virtual helper really do?
  2. What sort of abilities do virtual helpers require?
  3. Where do I secure a virtual helper position?
  4. 5 sites to discover virtual helper work
  5. How would I get my virtual helper work going?
  6. What does a virtual helper really do?

A virtual helper does significantly more than dealing with somebody’s busy schedule and accepting calls. Truth be told, there are numerous ways you can fill in as a remote helper with numerous abilities and skills.

Virtual helpers are by and large welcomed on to assist a customer with accomplishing explicit objectives like further developing web-based media commitment, bettering a site, or supporting a piece of the business in turning out to be more effective with their using time productively. These online secretaries of a sort work like some other telecommuter, having an endless supply of hours where they’re signed on and detailing up to normally a chief level-or-higher chief.

Working virtually
Working online. Virtual helper

What sort of abilities do remote helpers require?

There are eight abilities that will in general be the most needed with regards to filling in as a virtual helper. It’s going to be tough trying to become an expert at all of these skills, it would be smarter to perfect one or two of them. turning into a specialist in a few of these skills like composing and editing or web-based media content creation is going to be your best bet.

1. Typing

Despite the fact that it might appear as though everybody is a typist these days, those with uncommonly high words each moment — focus on in excess of 50 words each minute to be considered better than expected — offer an extraordinary range of abilities that are exceptionally pursued.

Typing is the establishment of large numbers of different abilities recorded underneath like drafting messages, altering web journals, and giving client assistance.

In case you’re hoping to further develop your typing capacities, there are many free online assets to assist you with doing so like and Only a couple of hours seven days of training can yield results that will make you a more attractive and wanted candidate with regards to virtual helper positions.

2. Proofreader

Many organizations these days have web journals or one more sort of website. These sorts of virtual work support an organization’s SEO presence and they are a way for intrigued clients to look into the brand and its main goal. Assisting with getting this substance into great shape makes a remote helper very important.

Numerous associations have staff who can compose beginning web journal drafts, however, they might not have the opportunity to see the blog through the whole altering and distributing measure. This is the place where a prepared remote helper like you come in.

Having a solid handle of sentence structure, voice, and composing mechanics can net you $15-25 every hour. In case you are drafting the blog yourself, make certain to request much more an hour.

3. Organizing Pages in WordPress

WordPress is a well-known platform that executives and quite a few enterprises use often. WordPress powers the back finish of numerous sites and web journals, and it is here that associations need somebody to deal with the designing and making of the genuine site pages that the public will visit.

Having the option to show yourself as capable in WordPress on your resume will without a doubt get in excess of a couple of eyes and conceivably rake in somewhere in the range of $20-40 every hour from an expected customer.

Yet, in case you’re understanding this and have never worked in WordPress, don’t fear. WordPress 101 offers courses to raise you to an acceptable level.

4. Managing an Editorial Calendar

All great virtual helpers have stellar time management and this is a critical part of the job.

While you may be in charge of someone’s day-to-day meetings and engagements calendar, a huge part of being a successful virtual helper is being capable of managing an editorial calendar as well.
An editorial calendar is a plan and schedule of all upcoming blog posts and website updates a site will publish. Maintaining a chronological plan as well as ideas to help boost a brand’s SEO rankings is a skill not all can offer and can net you $30-50 per hour.

5. Social Media Management

One of the duties of a virtual helper may be posting to social media on behalf of the brand. This can involve creating social media content, scheduling social media posts on various platforms, and managing engagements. You may be the one who will respond to customer comments.

Confidence in your knowledge of the most popular social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook is a must-have skill. Companies will continue to rely on their online presence to attract clients and customers and keeping up with new, hot platforms will add to your cache.

Sites like Hootsuite and Buffer have excellent resources if this is an area where you need to buff. And it’s worth it to do so as this ability can cash out anywhere from $20-50 per hour.

6. Creating Landing Pages

If this immediately struck fear into your heart — no worries, you don’t need to be an expert coder to nail this capability.

Landing pages are website locations that have a specific call to action or topic. For example, a website page encouraging users to submit their contact information in exchange for a free demo would be considered a landing page.

7. Email Strategy

Based on how many emails you get a day from organizations it shouldn’t surprise you that email formatting and strategy is a critical part of any business communication plan.
Email strategy refers to whom, when, and why you send an email. Email formatting refers to the actual layout and creation of the email look and feel.

Email strategy is easy to pick up on after a few conversations with those at the organization. You’ll want to have an understanding of the target customers and the goals of any email (i.e. to sign up for something, to purchase something, etc.) before scheduling a note to be sent.

Email formatting is also a dream to learn. Many brands use platforms like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, or GetResponse, and all three have excellent preloaded templates that make sending out emails stress-free, and help you bring in $25-40 per hour. You can ask for more money if you can, and are hired, to provide the content for the email too.

Many landing pages are built on platforms like WordPress and are easy to edit with some help from user-friendly tools like Unbounce and Leadpages.

Becoming knowledgeable in this space is one of the best skills you can offer as a virtual helper as you can charge between $30-60 per hour for this ability.

8. Client Care

Each industry should be certain they have cheerful customers and clients. In any case, having the right disposition and abilities to keep everybody content can be rare.

As a remote helper, you might be approached to fill in as a resource for the helpline or telecommuter. A few instances of client service incorporate reacting to requests through email or talk and addressing questions that might come in by means of a blog or web-based media remarks.

On the off chance that you can keep a calm mind and deal with conscientious reactions to customers, you can net $15-30 every hour with this skill.

Virtual assistant job
Virtual jobs

Where Do I Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

Virtual helper occupations like any other occupation — frequently require an employment form and a meeting or an interview to be considered.

Independent virtual helpers can likewise be temporary positions, only a couple of months, or more, similar to a year or even without a consummation date. You can choose responsibilities to apply for dependent on your advantage, their agreement length, and obviously, the amount they pay.

Be careful about offering locales like Elance and oDesk. On these locales, associations post with regards to the kind of work they need to be done, and specialists bid their rates for the work. This is not very reliable.

The risk is that to win a task, you frequently have to bring to the table a beneath-market rate, which just subverts your capacities and worth — there are better-paying positions out there, have confidence.

Sites to Find Virtual Customer Care jobs

Earn on genuine employment opportunities that care about virtual helpers and consultants just as utilizing your expert skills. We’ve gathered together these five customer care jobs that are hiring. Register on the arise platform HERE. Follow along with this video HERE to help assist you with registering on the arise platform.

How Do I Get My Virtual Assistant Business Off the Ground?

Presently you know what a virtual helper is. The last advance is to get your virtual helper business going and secure your virtual position.

The most ideal approach to do this is to just start applying to occupations. Set aside an effort to minister your resume in a manner that is intended for virtual helper work and showcase your expert organization skills, as on LinkedIn, to make special interactions with possible customers.

Just interact with however many customers you can deal with. It’s ideal, to begin with, a sensible number of customers, similar to a couple, and afterward, develop from that point. Continuously be straightforward and genuine with customers about your abilities and capacity as well as rates.

Yerusha Sarah
Yerusha Sarah
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