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Great Garden Tips for December

Everybody wants to see their garden healthy and lush green. Gardeners think they have nothing to do in December, but it’s not true. In fact, we have lots of things to take care of. In addition, the weather in December is mostly cold and strikingly beautiful. So, we have decided to share some great garden tips for December so that you can enjoy a healthy and lush green garden throughout the following year.

9 Great Garden Tips for December

Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the to-do list in December.

1. Prune and Trim

prune and trim
Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay

It’s the best time to cut off the dead branches of fruit trees, shrubs, bushes, and roses. It will help you get them in shape. In winter, there is less foliage, so it’s easy to identify where to prune.

2. Clear Your Gutters

Leaves from trees can block your gutters. Also, dead foliage and twigs mainly clog gutters and don’t allow them to do their job. Therefore, it’s essential to spare some time and clear them.

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3. Place Food for Birds

great garden tips for december
Image by Steen Jepsen from Pixabay

During winter, birds can’t rely on fruits and worms for food. Therefore, they prefer seeds during this month. You can help them get food by stocking seeds for them. Ensure that you place the feeder in a place where it’s safe from strong winds.

4. Protect Your Sensitive Plants

Some plants can bear the coldness of winter, but fragile plants need some protection. For example, spring-blooming shrubs like rhododendron and azaleas need an extra protection layer in winter. Moreover, citrus trees and dahlias also need protection.

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5. Add a Layer of Straw

During spring, gardeners use a mulch to prevent lock in moisture and weeds. You also need to do the same in winter. By adding a layer of straw, you can protect the soil from temperature fluctuations. In addition, it will ensure that the ground stays frozen.

6. Don’t Stop Composting

Undoubtedly, the decomposition process slows down in winter, but it shouldn’t be the reason to stop composting. When the summer arrives, your compost will start to decompose again.

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7. Remove Snow

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Snow looks attractive in the garden, but don’t allow it to stay there for too long. Instead, go to your garden and brush off the snow off from tree branches, bushes, and shrubs. This weight can contort and bend plants. Therefore it should be removed as soon as possible.

8. Shut Off the Water Supply to Sprinklers

It’s essential to turn off sprinklers to prevent frozen pipes from damage. Ensure that you shut down the controller if you have an automated irrigation system. Finally, the store hoses must be empty. Otherwise, freezing temperatures can crack them.

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9. Prepare Your Tools

December is the best time to get rid of broken tools. Spare time to take inventory of all gardening tools. Clean gardening tools and sharpen blades. It will ensure that when the summer arrives, you’ll be all set.

So, instead of wasting your time in December, follow these tips to keep your garden in good shape for the next year.

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