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Family Role in Education of Child

Many people believe that a student’s academic success depends on the teaching method, academic grade or the level of school depending on the socio-economic status of the child. But, in reality there is one biggest factor deciding the success of student that most people overlook.

The best indicator of a student’s academic success is the involvement of family in the education of the child. How family is involved in the learning of their child at home as well as in school plays a vital role in the success and academic growth of the child.

family role in education of child

Importance of Family Role in Education of Child

It is shown in various surveys that the students having family involvement in their studies have greater academic achievements as compared the ones having zero family involvement.

Family engagement is a necessity for child’s development. It is not only about parents’ interest in the education of their child, it is the mutual responsibility of teaching staff and administration of school to encourage deep collaboration for the educational success of the child.

It is seen that when family gets involved in the education of their child, it increases his/her love for studies and it also enhance his/her passion to learn even more. The important thing is to have healthy family involvement in the child’s education encouraging the child to grow and prosper.

Role of Teachers in Increasing the Parent’s Engagement in Education of Child

family role in education of child

A teacher plays an important role in increasing the parent’s engagement in education of child. When teacher focuses on the family relationships of a child, it increases the child’s interest in the class room. The child then, pays more attention and participate even more confidently.

It also develops a positive behavior in child. It increases his/her motivation to do better in class. So, it means the more a teacher promotes family engagement in the education of child, the more he/she will perform bringing good academic grades, showing high motivation and positive attitude towards learning.

It is seen that family engagement in education of child increases the self-esteem of child. It helps in better personality development of child. It also minimize the chances of child dropping out of school.

Strategies for Teachers and Schools to Increase Parent’s Engagement in Education of Child

family role in education of child

There are few strategies available for teachers and schools to adopt in order to increase family engagement in the education of child.

  • Teachers can increase parent’s engagement by arranging parent-teacher meeting on regular basis. The biggest advantage of such meeting is to let parents know about the current academic condition of child. Such meetings are also helpful to design strategies in order to improve child’s performance.
  • Some schools also arrange various events such as sports competition. School administration normally invites parents in such events in order to increase their involvement in school activities. Such events give teachers the chance to meet parents in order to set goals and objectives for the child.
  • Teachers can ask parents to share their ideas through web videos on the website of school. It can be an effective tool for parents who cannot reach out physically. It is an era of massive technology so parents not being able to reach out to their child’s teacher is merely an excuse in today’s world.
  • Teachers can make a group on social media accounts with the parents to discuss the progress of child in daily basis. It will keep parents updated with the child’s progress.
  • Some schools also offer volunteer opportunities for parents. The reason of creating such opportunities is to give parents a chance to have transition from a spectator to actually participate in the activities arranged by the school. It gives them a better understanding of child’s daily activities in school.
  • Some schools also conduct various surveys to assess parents and student’s needs. The school then analyze the data and share the results with parents, it give them some food for thought regarding their role in the education of child.
  • It is also feasible to encourage parents to participate in decision making processes such as the decisions regarding dress code and grading system.
  • Some schools also send parents input sheets at home asking parents to give suggestions regarding school environment, modes of teaching and overall code of conduct.
  • It is also encouraged to send child’s monthly or weekly progress report via mail. Ask parents to give suggestions at the progress report of child. Ask them to give their suggestions at the areas of improvement.
  • It is also seen that many schools prefer smaller class size. It helps the teacher to have attention on every student at individual level. It also makes it easier for a teacher to communicate with every parent separately.
  • A teacher can give home assessment to students asking them to have parent’s signature on it. It is an effective way to increase family engagement in child’s education.


There are various means to increase parent’s engagement in education of child. The teachers and school administrations need to understand that family involvement is immensely important in this regard. They must take measure and look for various strategies to involve parents in child’s education.

The parents also need to take responsibility of their child’s academic growth. Sending kid to school and bearing all of his/her expenses is not the sole responsibility of parents. They must be engaged in the entire learning process.

Research shows that when families are involved students bring better grades and get higher scores in class tests and assessments. Such students attend school more regularly, complete their homework regularly and display more positive attitude and behavior.

Education of a child is like a team work. Parents, teachers and schools are equally essential for a child to learn effectively. They all play their own part in development of child’s success.

The goal of the schools is to ensure maximum family engagement in education of child. They must strive to minimize the risk of failure. Families also need to work with schools as partners showing their interests and participation in the school activities.

Yerusha Sarah
Yerusha Sarah
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