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Explore These Crypto Wallets to Keep Your Currency Safe

You have finally invested in some crypto-currency and you are elated about the big milestone. Well, now you have to start thinking of a safe crypto wallet. A crypto wallet will help you keep your cryptocurrency safe from malicious people. Not to worry, we got the details of the best crypto wallets you could use in 2022.

Best crypto wallets to keep your currency safe

We have picked the wallets based on:

  • Price
  • security
  • Currency
  • customizability

1.Ledger Nano x

The ledge Nano X made it to our list since it supports a number of currencies. Be it bitcoins to Litecoins. You could use this wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Priced at $119 the wallet can manage close to 100 currency at a go. Its security levels are also high with a secure element chip that’s good for credit cards. It’s also an offline wallet with an 8-hour battery life and Bluetooth connectivity. However, the transactions fees are a bit high and the lack of a touchscreen won’t be such a seller to many people.

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Known for its easy setup, the wallet has high security compared to other wallets. It however supports bitcoin trading only and has no support for customers. It is easy to customize the wallet and takes less space. This is by using a lightweight client that can be set up by a user. Users can adjust their transaction fee which affects the time taken for a transaction to be complete. The two-factor authentication that comes with the wallet is also a plus together with other hardware wallets for cold storage.

3.Coin base

If you”re a new bee to all these crypto worlds then this wallet is for you. It is beginner-friendly and quite straightforward to use. It also supports a number of currencies together with being backed up by reputable exchanges that can regain stolen assets.

Try any of this wallets and tell us your experience using them.

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