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Edible Foods That You Should Never Eat

There are a lot of food choices in and around you, and choosing a healthy one is very challenging. Also, everything that’s edible isn’t always incredible. You need to take care of your stomach because it controls your digestion, and if your digestion alters you become hungry, then hungry, and after that–. Don’t worry, buddy, we’re here to guide you through to keep you fit and happy in life.  

We’ve prepared a list of edible food items that you shouldn’t eat. You’re surely in for a surprise, and your perception and ideology is about to change. 

Fruit Juice 

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What’s bad in it for you: no fruit, high-fructose syrup

Wait, fruit juice? It’s natural. But hey, we’re talking about packed fruit juices that come as labelled “made from 100% natural fruits”. And these manufacturers are lying to the consumers, because they only use pulp of the respective fruit in less than half percentage. Inspite of eating natural fruit, you’re consuming a lot of sugar. Another sugar called fructose is also used, which plays a main role in the development of adipose tissue – yeah, it’s the tissue that stores fat. 

Alternative: As if you should even ask this, homemade fruit juice. Slice your favourite fruit, put it in the blender, then add water or milk and blend. 



What’s bad in it for you: decayed fruits and veggies 

Garnishes look good, right? And they enhance the taste of the dish, too. The dual function of garnishes on cocktails and dishes only serves right to your body when they are fresh. If not, they can be dangerous. Restaurants use garnishes that are two to three days old. Avoid taking garnished food from restaurants and cafes. While making cocktails, they usually slice garnishes and dump them in glass hours before you actually drink – and the microbes do a victory dance.

Alternative: Avoid taking garnished foods from restaurants. If possible, stand there when the bartender prepares the drink or dish. 

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Image from Pexels

What’s bad in it for you: pesticides and herbicides used in growing

Caffeine= coffee. Ugh, I can’t leave my coffee, please! Well, you need to reconsider. Coffee beans aren’t grown without pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. And these, unfortunately, are bad for your health. If you’re a regular patient of headache, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc., then stop blaming your workload because this time, your lovely coffee is behind this. Caffeine is not only present in coffee but in colas, chocolates, soft drinks, so you should start avoiding these too. 

Alternative: sleep on time, fruit juice, and lukewarm water with honey.

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Refined foods

What’s bad in it for you: Maida

It is possible that you might have a slight idea of the toxic effects of consuming refined foods like instant noodles, Samosa, etc. Refined foods are made of Maida, which is one of the worst foods for your stomach. Maida has no fibre content in it, which leads to sluggish bowels, constipation and – if the consumption is too much– colon cancer.

Alternative: whole-wheat foodstuff

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Low-fat peanut butters

What’s bad in it for you: sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Man, that’s low fat!! What’s the problem then? The main problem – ironically – is itself the low-fat. Peanut are great source of protein and fibre. But when they remove the fat, all left is sugar and lots of excess salt. They lower the unsaturated fats and some heart-healthy fats, so all your body would get is sugar, sodium and some filler ingredients. 

Alternative: Make your own peanut butter! Few peanuts, a little bit of oil or honey, a blender. Blend it till it smoothens up and your hundred percent healthy and natural peanut butter is ready to eat. 

Pro-tip: use a simple two-step test to check. One, it should be natural and, two, it should have only three ingredients on the list: peanuts, oil and a pinch of salt. 

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What’s bad in it for you: hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial colours, carnauba wax, sugar.

Who doesn’t love sprinkles? Me. Alright, they look tempting. But temptation and adorability are not more important than health. Sprinkles are bad, there’s nothing good in them (if rainbow-colour doesn’t count). They’ve got carnauba wax, artificial colours and much more. 

Alternative: use almonds or nuts on your ice-cream. It looks good and is healthy. 

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Red kidney beans

What’s bad in it for you: a toxic lectin, phytohaemagglutinin.

Well, red kidney beans aren’t bad. They are harmful only in their raw or undercooked form. Red kidney beans –better known as Rajma in India – are rich in fibre, essential vitamins and minerals, plant-based protein and phytohaemagglutinin. The toxic lectin can damage the gut wall, preventing it from absorbing the nutrients properly. Diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal ache are common symptoms of poisoning. 

In fact, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (, cooking dried red kidney beans for less than 10 minutes at any temperature less than boiling can actually increase the toxicity five-fold, so beans are more toxic than if they were consumed raw.

This can help: Rajma is healthy when properly cooked. Soak them in water for few hours and boil in water for ten minutes.  

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What’s bad in it for you: Palm oil, alkali processed cocoa, high fructose corn syrup

Oreos taste good, but they don’t taste good to your stomach. Be surprised to know that Oreos have palm oil in them – a fat that causes fat-causing inflammation. And the cream? Oh, leave that lie. The cream isn’t even cream! Don’t tell me it’s good for people who use dairy-free products, because the ingredients aren’t good for even animals.  

Alternative: whole-wheat bread or biscuits. 

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What’s bad in it for you: sodium, sugar, preservatives 

Mayonnaise wasn’t so popular in India, but the influence of foreign products made their journey to our shelves and tongues easier. Mayonnaise is made of eggs, right? Tell me then, how can these creamy white pastes manage months on shelves without breaking down? 

Alternative: Dairy yoghurt, homemade butter.

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Instant Noodles 

What’s bad in it for you: sodium, Monosodium Glutamate

Well, this is simple. Instant noodles are deep-fried, which is unhealthy. They are ‘instant’. You can probably wonder what these companies might do to make something instant, remove everything that’s good in it (yeah!). Instant noodles are packed with a lot of sodium and overdose isn’t good. Also it’s good MSG, which comes with its own problems.  Alternative: Indian homemade snacks, like poha, upma, etc. Instead of instant noodles, use Hakka noodles.

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