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Food is that area of life where every human being yearns for it. Food-be it energy giving or proteinaceous, is one of the sources where life is dependent to a great level. There are many people who are diet conscious and also love food at their worst. Despite of the fact that some foods are not worth of a diet plan, many people choose to eat that kind of food which helps in giving energy without them gaining much weight. So, in order to eat without gaining weight, there are 10 kinds of foods listed out for a healthy living.


Without a doubt, yogurts are something loved by children the most. Every day, after a sumptuous meal, yogurts work as a yummy dessert in town. Rich in proteins, micronutrients, containing low value-added sugars, yogurt never helps in gaining a lot of weight. It is consumed in proportions just to keep the body healthy and fit. So, in order to eat without gaining weight, yogurts are best available options for a person to choose.

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Suitably, talking about fruits, a watermelon is a beat even to water we drink today. Watermelons are the best fruits for intake and digestion in a human body. Rich in loads of water, a watermelon never makes a person feels hungry for junk foods. It keeps you safe from dehydration by keeping your body hydrated and provides minimal number of calories at hand. Whenever prescriptions are made by the doctors regarding any illness, watermelons are given a top priority. It contains certain antioxidant nutrients that can cure any kind of illness by regular intakes. In order to eat without gaining weight, these witty watermelons are a top choice.

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Watching a movie in theatres is boring until and unless there are variety of foods available to melt the ice. Undoubtedly, people love popcorns while watching a movie as it helps in keeping the environment light-weight just the way they are. Made with delicious caramel coatings, or sometimes with normal sprinklings of salt and pepper, this little corn-kernel is basically low in fats and calories. It adds up to the normal levels of efficient health-conscious routine due to its light-weight and gluten-free behavior. Over the years, in order to eat without gaining weight, people have been using popcorns even as breakfast food for healthy intakes.

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Non-veg meals are never found without huge amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and to be more specific-fats. However, since years humans have been omnivores pondering over different varieties of plants and animals. The twist lies in the fact that nowadays, lean meats are rarely available naturally. Today’s meats are instilled with specific antibiotics and injected hormones which can immensely raise the calorie bar. Moreover, consuming light-weight, well-cooked freshly-withdrawn lean meats make vast changes with respect to one’s body. Thus, in order to eat without gaining weight, lean meats from naturally raised animals are preferred for a healthy diet.

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Cucumbers are the coolest among the diet salads which people prefers during weight-loss journey. Cucumbers have a habit of providing cooling efficiency inside the body. They even prevent dehydration at a large level and are consumed majorly in hot summers. In order to eat without gaining weight, cucumbers with refreshing taste and with rich water content is consumed heartily by the fitness keepers. Cucumbers add flavors even under beauty products and prevents cardiovascular diseases when taken in large amounts.

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Interestingly, health-conscious people never drink the usual masala tea. When it comes to workout sessions and rigorous fitness routines, green tea is a unanimous option. Green tea is mostly known to reduce the belly fat when taken along with dietary sources. A power-packed morning is when substitution of green tea happens under the body thereby, renewing the lost energy. Mixed with herbal ingredients and spices, green tea makes an excellent fitness regimen altogether. In order to eat without gaining weight, try something along with green tea to boost up your body. It even contributes in making the brain active and contains caffein which itself is a powerful element that maintains the body functions. Try sipping up the green tea to make a gala time with your daily exercise routines.

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Entangled with loads of vitamins and nutritional values, broccoli gains a huge fan following in terms of dietary foods. People prefer mostly the steamed variety of broccoli for their power-packed workouts. Just one cup of cooked broccoli can end up getting healthier for those who need to make specific changes under their diet. In order to eat without gaining weight, roasted broccolis are no way less than the dry or boiled ones. Broccolis dedicate themselves in reducing the diseases that can be a nuisance for the overall health of a person. It even provides zinc, magnesium, calcium and many other elements in the body so that the exercise becomes worth the doing. People can even consume broccoli by cooking it in the form of proper vegetable.

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In order to eat without gaining weight, kale is no less than a blessing in disguise. Rich in various minerals, antioxidants, fibers and sulfurous compounds, kale has found its place among the most nourished foods. It helps in reducing major weight gains by lowering the cholesterol and indulging in fighting against various diseases. They also contribute to prevent cancer. Kale is a simple food with low calorie content and also provides energy during weight-liftings.

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Breakfast is all about eating healthy foods with a maintained appetite. Some people indulge in consuming heavy meal even in breakfast hours which ultimately leads to over-weight scandals in their lives. In order to eat without gaining weight, oats are the best option specially taken under breakfast. A pleasant morning with light-weight oat meals is considered realistic and a way to improve the appetite of a person. Inputs of low calories and rich with minerals, proteins and vitamins, oat meals have garnered appreciation over loads of other delicacies due to its easy-going digestive mechanism. Digestion becomes easy when oat meals are made a regular choice. Oat meals basically reduce the feelings of hunger and provides full support to the body by increasing the feeling of fullness. It’s better to stick the morning breakfast timetable with delicious oat meals.

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Without a doubt, restaurants have the amazing outlet of starters which actually starts with sizzling chemistry of soup and its vegetables. Aroused with its aroma, people find the starter of soup more than enough in comparison to other culinary cuisines during chilly winters. Soups are considered happy-go-lucky healthy layouts of foods which can be consumed anytime and everywhere. Laced up with chopped vegetables and fibers, soup finds its way among the healthy list of delicacies. In order to eat without gaining weight, a soup is an excellent choice for on-going food lovers packed with heavy workout schedules too.

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  1. Thank you so much maam. I have been trying to lose weight but didnt know what to eat. I thought if I could eat some parathas it would be better. But I started eating 6 prathas daily. Now after reading this I feel so blessed. I hope when I follow ur food list I will become thin n then live a healthy life.

  2. I’ve been avoiding lean meat and I believed that I males me gain weight. After this I’ll definitely start eating meat. Thank you so much ma’am.


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