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Early Career Planning in Youth Bringing a Promising Future

Most of the children in early childhood have some rough ideas about what they want to be in the future but by the time they grow up to be teenagers those ideas start to fade away. High school students begin to focus on their future plans after graduation including career planning. The need of the hour is to have the career planning while the students are still at school.

Career planning means choosing the right career for a student keeping in mind his/her skills, interests and talents. It is a process to match career goals with the financial needs. A student must know his/her interests, skills and values in order to translate them into existing jobs in the market.

Why Career Planning is Important

A successful career never happens by chance. It requires proper planning and execution.  In order to build a successful career one has to think what he/she wants and most importantly how he/she is going to get it. That’s exactly what career planning tells. It gives you the direction to achieve your goals.

Career planning gives a roadmap to reach the destination. It highlights the gaps that one needs to fill in order to achieve end goals. Career planning also helps to reflect on one’s personal aspirations and objectives. So basically career planning provides much needed guidance and motivation to pursue the desired direction.

early career planning in youth

Career Planning in Early Youth

Career means the person’s progress or success in the particular working field that he/she chooses. It can also be stated as one’s work life. Career includes the general course of actions one takes in his/her work life.

In today’s age getting the right career advices for children or teenager is highly recommended. It is an era of massive technological development, teenagers must be ready to face this rapidly changing environment through proper planning and systematic execution.

It is shown that most of the adults having successful lives today were given some form of advices regarding choosing their career in early childhood. This gave them an edge over their peers as they already had the direction to pursue even before completing the degree.

Early career planning saves the youth from unnecessary distractions. Today, thousands and millions of distractions are available to take away the attention from the life goals. This era of social media is considered to be most distractive one. Early career counselling can save youth from disruptions.

Early career planning prepares the youth mentally and intellectually for the career. It also gives them the sense of accountability. It makes them realize that every step away from goal has its own consequence in future.

early career planning in youth
Photo by Greta Hoffman from Pexels

The most important factor of early career planning is that it offers a smooth transition between education and professional life. It is said that building a career specific knowledge via internships is very necessary during studies. It gives hands on working experience and helps in exploring areas of interest.

Internship also increases the chances to secure a good job in the field one has chosen. So, early career planning provides youth with networking opportunities which help in creating a prosperous future.

It is shown that early career planning highlights the gaps in the skillsets encouraging the youth to undertake the required training for the desired job before officially entering the corporate world.

Early career planning successfully saves youngsters from post-graduation anxiety. They start moving in the desired direction soon after graduation. Lack of career planning brings ambiguity that has adverse effects on mental health.

Tips of Career Planning at an Early Age

early career planning in youth
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  • Assist youth in creating a desired niche: If the teenagers create their interest set or desired niche no one can stop them from prospering in future. Giving teenage students the required training to explore their interests must be included as an integral part of early career planning.
  • Channelize unproductive activities of teenagers: Channelize the unnecessary stuff teenagers are spending their time on. Help them avoid unproductive activities. Early career planning tends to give youth the concrete direction to focus on, saving them from unproductive distractions.
  • Assist youth in developing wider perspective: This Gen Z must be trained enough to learn multiple skills at the same time. They must be open enough to wide their perspective regarding the field they choose.
  • Provide unbiased advice: Career development trainings, counselling and mentoring can help the young adults to develop realistic goals and provide them with the insights to achieve them. There must be a spark in youth to take every competition enthusiastically. They must have unbreakable passion among youth to prosper in every given situation.
  • Promote the trend of research in youth: Youngsters must be encouraged to know all the emerging trends in the market. It will not only develop sense of responsibility but will also help them to stay updated. Every youngster must know all the emerging trends in the particular field one chooses.
  • Ask the youngsters to write down what they want to achieve in life: Ask the youngsters to make an action plan stating the goals they want to achieve. Goals must be realistic and achievable. In the next row ask them to write the plan to achieve that particular goal. Plan can be divided into various milestones. It is shown that making an action plan directly effects the success rate.


Career planning may look like a difficult task but it doesn’t not have to be. A practical approach must be taken to plan career successfully. The business world as well as the job market are evolving with every passing day. It is necessary to inculcate the sense of responsibility among youth from the start.

Teenagers must be asked to think carefully while taking every step towards their goals. They must be open to change whenever required because change is the only constant thing now. Youngsters must be passionate about their dreams knowing that sky is their only limit. They must think carefully before taking every step as it will decide their destiny.



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