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Decoration: How Does One Find Your Style?

If you’ve got an area or perhaps a whole house or apartment that you simply decide to decorate, the task can quickly seem overwhelming. It is easy to feel intimidated when numerous people seem to possess a natural, well-defined style. But there’s nothing to fear when it’s not … Developing your eye and creating your style are often learned. Here’s the way to get there.

Look at your home with new eyes

When you see an area a day, you finish up … not seeing it anymore. But by doing it consciously, you’ll take a fresh check out your environment.

Take a tour of your room (s) and see what jumps out, what you wish, what you do not. Does one find that your inner lacks life, finish? Does one love the wood of 1 of the pieces of furniture? Is there a corner that you simply prefer quite others? What works and what do?

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Identify your flagship items

Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

Everyone has hot items, which you usually have in mind. It are often an antique piece of furniture that you simply have inherited or maybe a frame that you adore, which has followed you for years … It can, maybe, even be an item that you simply don’t own, but that you simply have dreamed of for an extended time, for instance , a considerable natural wood board or an iconic leather sofa.

These elements can form the idea of your decoration project and, by extension, your style. Once you organize everything around a flagship item, imagining the decoration of the space around it suddenly becomes more accessible and more anchored.

Learn about the various styles


The good news is that it’s easier than ever to know the various sorts of decoration with the internet! Suppose you would like to understand better-existing styles (classic, rustic, modern, vintage, industrial, Zen, etc.) and therefore the design currents that underlie them. Therein case, many information are available on the online .

Read decoration blogs or look on Pinterest for helpful ideas associated with different styles … the sweetness of those media is that they’re very visual and permit you to discern what you wish and do not immediately. After a short time , your eye will become sharper, and you’ll understand far better what moves you.

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Rate what you discover inspiring

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Pinterest or home decor magazines with crisp interiors are an honest start, but… What’s important to know is that inspiration comes from everywhere. And not necessarily when trying to find it.

The inspiration can come from the decor of a TV commercial because you’ve got hooked on the nice and cozy minimalism that it evoked. It also can come from a fortuitous combination of colors and textures, which happens, for instance , after you set your handbag on a cocktail table and luxuriate in this “happy accident.” It can come from a powerful old object seen during a window or maybe sublime hues of a sunset.

If you are feeling love it , you’ll jot these little daily inspirations during a notepad; within the end of the day , not only will you indeed find ideas there, but you’ll undoubtedly recognize tangents.

Mixing several styles is allowed!


Sometimes we’ve the impression that there’s an practice in decoration, consistent with which an area (or even a whole interior) must conform to an equivalent style. Nothing is a smaller amount accurate!

The best designers are those that manage to combine different pieces from different eras and different styles. This is often what makes an area more alive, more authentic, more interesting, and more complete.

Your style is perhaps a mixture of existing styles. If you wish modern furniture, combining these with more traditional elements within the same room is sort of possible, for instance, natural stone, decorative moldings, curtains with a pattern, or more classic accessories!

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Yerusha Sarah
Yerusha Sarah
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