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Open Floor Plan Suggestions for Decorating a Living Room

Do you know decorating a living room is the most difficult task? You might be wondering, why is it so? The goal of this room is to make living easier. Meanwhile, you want your living room to look more enticing. Therefore, decorating a living room isn’t an easy task. But if you’re looking for some inspiration to decorate your living room, you’re at the right place. Here you’ll get some open floor plan suggestions to decorate your great room.

6 Open Floor Plan Ideas for Decorating a Living Room

Open floor spaces pose many design challenges, but the following ideas can make your living room more enticing.

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1. Add an Area Rug

Nowadays, creating continuity and warmth with an open floor plan is not difficult because an area rug can help you get a consistent pattern. You can get one large area rug or combine two rugs. A repeat fabric is another great approach to get continuity and consistent pattern.

2. Stick to a Consistent Color Palette

stick to a consistent color palette
Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

Thoughtful furniture arrangements can help you get a feeling of comfort. You can make your living room more enticing by developing multiple furniture arrangements. These arrangements will maximize space functionality and make your large room cozier.

After finalizing the furniture groups, the next step is to choose a consistent color palette. It will help you unify the space.

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3. Let Furniture Float

During an open floor plan, the best way is to float furniture. It will ensure that there are cozy conversation areas. Floating furniture will provide you with ease of movement. Floor-to-ceiling art can work well with floating furniture in an open floor plan. Again stick to the above point and keep the color palette cohesive to unify the space.

4. Divide Large Open Floor Space into Small Rooms

decorating room
Photo by Matsami Matsami on Unsplash

Yes, it’s possible to convert a huge space into small rooms like a dining room, bar, kitchen, and living room. Remember, this is possible to achieve when the living room is large enough. Ensure that scale is smaller because decorating a home depends on the scale more than anything else.

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5. Try to Create Depth

If you don’t define space in an open space floor plan, it will make you feel that everything is swirling in the open sea. Therefore, it’s essential to create depth by using architectural elements like arched openings and ceiling changes.

Oversized lighting, area rugs, and paired furniture can help you create depth and rhythm in your large living room. You can make your big space feel easy and intentional by playing with color, light, and scale.

6. Let Your Kitchen Shine

decorating a living room
Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

Many people often ignore their kitchen when it comes to open floor plans. They don’t even realize that open floor plans allow them to let their kitchen shine in the home. Some extra efforts can make your kitchen and living room a place to enjoy gathering.

So, follow these open floor plan suggestions and decorate your living room to make it more enticing.

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