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The 10 Must-Have Decor Trends

The fall quietly settled in our every day with the leaves changing color and temperature that refreshes. It is often at this time of the year that the urge to redecorate takes us. Adapting your decor to the new season is tempting!

Do you want to know the latest decoration trends to welcome autumn with open arms?

Here are 10 decor trends:

1. Comfort first: the importance of textiles

In recent years, the importance of natural textiles has been noticed in every room of the house. Again, this fall, this trend continues. This is one of the effects of the pandemic and the fact that we spend a lot of time at home; we gradually abandon the refined side and perfection to favor a cozy interior. The mats, therefore, have their place in every room of the house and the cast that we sprinkle here and there.

  • Cut point rug, Simons – $ 160
  • Geo color block rug, Simons – $ 95
  • Arya Throw, Linen Chest – $ 59.95

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2. Velvet

decor trends
Photo by coco tafoya on Unsplash

Velvet is making a comeback and looks set to remain a trend. We dare to use dark green or vibrant blue if we treat ourselves to a new all velvet sofa.

However, if you do not want to make such an expense, you get velvet cushions that you place here and there, or a small pouf, to treat yourself to a bit of softness.

  • Noah Velvet Sofa, Hoft Home – $ 1650
  • Velvet pouf, Simons – $ 110

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3. Natural materials, particularly rattan

Different natural materials retain their prominent place in our homes this fall, and again, rattan comes in many different ways. It indeed slips into most settings, offering a little softness and a touch of Zen. We choose rattan chairs, small side tables, or even furniture.

Rattan side table, Amazon – $ 168.39

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4. The curves

The rounded shapes invite you to relax and create a most original decor that leaves no one indifferent!

5. Green in all its shades

decor trends
Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

This fall, all the shades of green are entering our homes! The already famous dark green is used both as an accent color and as a backdrop. This rich, sophisticated and soothing shade instantly adds a touch of elegance to our decor. Plus, it’s a color that will complement any interior style, so the possibilities are endless. According to your desires, you can also choose a khaki green, avocado, or antique green.

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6. Wallpaper

The wallpaper has been back for some time, and it continues to impress! There are all kinds of them, in different colors, with gradients, and with patterns that completely transform a room. Depending on your desires, choose a gigantic mural or a more discreet print. In any case, the effect will be striking!

Wallpaper, feather, and foliage, Adzif – $ 59

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7. The office space

The office area no longer has to be hidden. It is now an integral part of the decor. Because, as we know, teleworking is still here for a while! So, decorate a room by leaving pride of place to the workspace, which must be practical and aesthetic.

8. Plants and more plants!

decor trends
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

A fan of greenery, this is the perfect opportunity to multiply your plants and create a natural oasis of peace. It has been proven that in addition to making settings even prettier, being surrounded by natural elements soothes and reduces anxiety. One stone, two birds!

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9. Second-hand items

Vintage objects have made a comeback in decors for a few seasons now, and in the same vein, everything second-hand is gaining popularity. Excessive consumption no longer has its place as climate change urges us to change our habits. So, if it is possible to give a second life to a piece of furniture, we do it! Sometimes it will just be perfect as it is, while other times, you will need to put a fresh coat of paint to it. In any case, your decor will win (and the planet, too!).

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