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Best 75% Keyboards for Gaming (2022)

The popularity of 75 keyboards has risen over the years to be one of the keyboards that most people use today. So, what if you’re a gamer and you’re looking for the best 75 keyboards to enhance your gaming experience. You don’t have to worry, we have prepared a whole list of keyboards you could try this year.

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75% keyboards are shrunk with new layouts in comparison to other models. They provide an added advantage when it comes to gaming unlike other keyboards since they have the ability to switch together with the click mechanism. Moreover, the keyboards are more durable and able to detect key presses faster than other keyboards.

If you’ve been looking for the best 75% keyboards to invest in, look no further. Here is a list of some of the best keyboards you could buy this year.

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Best 75 Keyboards for Gaming

We have prepared the list below based on the following qualifications ;

  • Price.
  • Click mechanism.
  • Durability.
  • Battery life.
  • Personalization.
  • Compatibility with different operating systems.

1. Votexgear Race 3

The votexgear race 3 is a good mechanical keyboard that has a brown switch and a straight-level design that enhances your typing experience. Moreover, the keyboard has a grey CNS aluminum casing with a micro USB connectivity technology. It is compatible with gaming consoles with a backlit feature that helps you use the keyboard even when it’s dark.

The vortex has an incline setting which doesn’t settle well with most people. However, the feature can be undone by screwing in some additional feet. When it comes to its display, the keyboard has a unique TKL 75% design layout with more features compared to other TKL keyboards.

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So, why would you get the keyboard you might ask. Apart from all the features that we have mentioned above, Votexgear race 3 comes with a colored keyboard giving it a unique and elegant style. Are you worried about noise levels when clicking around? Well, the keyboard quiet enough to be used in an office setup.

The keyboard can last for years and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. If you are in love with the keyboard, you can purchase it here.

2. Qisan Magicforce 82 key

The Qisan Magicforce keyboard is one of the most budget-friendly keyboards when it comes to the best 75 keyboards. It has a solid aluminum front plate with little to no board flex. When it comes to switching options, it doesn’t disappoint. It has a Gateron brown switch with blue backlighting.

The typing experience is also one you’d wish to experience with a metal base and a white case design. It’s not too large to occupy all the space on your table but also not too small to disappear from your desktop.

If you want to purchase the keyboard then you can purchase it here on Amazon

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3. Keycool KC84

This keyboard is not as cheap as Qisan but totally worth the extra coins. It comes in three distinct colors ;

  • Blue /grey
  • Black/ red
  • White/blue

It also has the option of choosing between the Cherry MX red and the brown switched option. The keycool has a full RGB full light with hot-swappable sockets meaning you have the option of changing the switches to what speaks to your heart. When it comes to clicking sounds, the larger keys have a stabilizer which limits the amount of rambling and shaking that might mess with your gaming experience. You can find the keyboard here on Amazon.

4. Epomaker EP 84

The Epomaker EP84 has a hot-swappable mechanical switch that made it part of our list. You can swap the mechanical switches without having to break a sweat. This enhances your sensory experience when using these keyboards.

That’s not all when it comes to this keyboard. You have the liberty to use the keyboards for a long time since you can swap the keys without having to dig deep into your pockets for a new keyboard. The epomaker has a custom layout form with RGB lights that makes it easy to use the keyboard at night.

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The Epomaker EP 84 comes with a detachable power cable that enhances durability with 19 different RGB lighting effects. The Casing is well angled with little noise when typing. Moreover, it comes with two additional arrow and function keys that might appeal to most gamers. To buy the Keyboard, you can use this link from Amazon.

5. Epo maker NIZ Plum 84

This plum 84 keyboard has an electro–captive switch with less noise when typing. It is quite easy to adjust the switches with a lighter and quieter feel when it comes to a mechanical keyboard. It features both USB and Bluetooth connectivity with full RGB backlighting.

The keyboard can stay up to six hours with a charge and a rubber under the circuit. The Epomaker NIZ Plum 84 is Outfitted with a strong PBT keycap with a board that is durable and resistant to the oils that build up in the hands. You also have the liberty to adjust the layout if you wish.

The EPO maker NIZ Plum 84 is fully programmable which is a hit with most programmers and gamers. Moreover, with Its anti-ghosting technology and six-key rollover, the keyboard is able to recognize each and every keypress. It’s also fitted with adjustable feet on the bottom to give you an angled typing experience.

If you want to get yourself this keyboard, you can purchase it with this link from Amazon.

6. Corsair K100 RGB optical

This keyboard is a full-size gaming keyboard with an RGB backlight. It has a stunning aluminum finish with the corsair Axn Hyper-processing technology.

The keyboard comes in black and midnight gold and is deemed as one of the most comfortable keyboards for gaming. When it comes to size, it is a bit bigger and takes some space on the desktop. However, with its speeds, you might be tempted to overlook its size. It also comes with a few extra features such as ;

  • dedicated media keys
  • dedicated macro keys
  • A volume control wheel
  • RGB lights which you can customize

When you compare the keyboard to Corsair K955 RGB platinum XT, you’ll definitely have to settle for this one. This is because of its low click latency. However, you’ll have to pay a few extra coins for the Corsair K100. To purchase the keyboard you can use this link from Amazon.

7. Keychrom K2

We couldn’t close our list without adding this keyboard as one of the best 75% keyboards to invest in when it comes to gaming. The keyboard is compatible with not only windows but also Mac Os. It has a multimedia Mac layout which should be an attraction to Mac users

When it comes to the battery, this keyboard has one of the largest batteries to be found on a keyboard. It has a 4000 mAh battery meaning you can use the keyboard for hours without worrying about it suddenly going off. The keyboard is also good for multitasking since it maximizes the workspace.

It has 15 types of RGB light with various gaetron switch options to choose from. Newer versions of the keyboards come with Bluetooth 5.1, an Inclined bottom frame, and an added dedicated caps lock indicator light.

To purchase the keyboard, use this link.

You can make inquiries on the best 75 keyboards in the comment section down below.

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