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The Secret Recipe for Amazing Compost Is in the Leaves

It looks appealing to create compost from autumn leaves. The good news is making amazing compost in the leaves is simple, and after following a few tips, you make it yourself. Many seasoned gardeners refer to pile compost as Black Gold. So, if you’re not sure how to create amazing compost in leaves, follow this guide until the end because you’ll find a secret recipe here.

The Secret Recipe for Making Amazing Compost from Leaves

If you have an abundance of trees around you, it means you’re lucky enough to create an incredible compost pile from leaves. The fall season provides you a great opportunity to create this pile, and in the next spring season, you’ll be able to convert it into black gold. So, without wasting any time, follow the below-given tips for making amazing compost in the leaves.

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Select the Best Leaves

amazing compost in the leaves
Image by Denis MOREAU from Pixabay

If you want to create great compost, the first thing you need to do is to choose the best variety of leaves. Leaves of cherry, maple, fruit and ash trees are the best. They’re good options for creating a pile. All these leaves are rich in nutrients. Some people want to know about oak trees. Due to their acidic nature, you can only use them in moderation. Otherwise, they’ll disturb the pH levels.

You should avoid tree leaves like walnut, horse chestnut, and eucalyptus because they contain toxins and prevent seed crops from germinating.

Shred the Leaves

After the leaf’s selection, the next step is to build a leaf-filled compost pile that will decompose quickly. Shredding leaves before creating a pile can speed up the decomposition 10-20 times. Luckily there are plenty of cheap electric shredders available in the market. You can also shred the leaves with your riding or push mowers.

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compost in the leaves
Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay

Build the Pile

Leaf pile can be formed at once because you don’t make it like typical compost. In a typical compost pile, you keep adding materials when they become available. But in a leaf compost pile, you don’t have to break down initial raw materials later. You need to add some ingredients so that it doesn’t take much time to decompose.

If you want the compost pile to get decomposed quickly, use a mixture of brown and green materials.

Other Ingredients to Add

Add vegetable scraps, buckets of chicken manure, and coffee grounds. The only ingredient you’ll have to keep adding until the spring season is coffee grounds.

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Photo by Julietta Watson on Unsplash

Turning the Pile

Occasional turning can greatly benefit the leaf pile. When you turn it a few times each week, it will provide oxygen and distribute the moisture level in a pile. For a fast working pile, both oxygen and water are crucial. When it gets dry, add a bit of water. So, now you’re set to have a pile of compost full of nutrients.

Final Words

Follow this secret recipe for creating amazing compost from a pile of leaves this year. Invest some time now so that you can get lots of black gold next spring.

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