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All You Need To Know About the Project Volterra by Microsoft; Beginner Guide

If you’ve been getting a buzz about project Volterra then we are here for you. In this article, we have outlined all the information you need to know about Project Volterra, what it means, and the advantages of project Volterra by Microsoft.

What is Project Volterra?

Project Volterra by Microsoft
Project Volterra by Microsoft

For starters, you need to know that Project Volterra is the first-ever ARM mini desktop PC that is in the form of a developer’s kit. It is one of the latest inventions that have been built by Tech giant, Microsoft in recent years. Moreover, it is an innovative and advanced microprocessor that comes under the 7th generation of microprocessors.

Project Volterra is basically a toolkit that enables the creation of applications that provide expert assistance to users. It is an AI-powered tool used by Microsoft to understand natural human language. This is possible due to its deep neural networks and recurrent networks.

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It accomplishes this by using artificial network processing and machine learning techniques without the use of keyword recognition software. In simple terms, project Volterra allows computers to understand humans better by listening to their words and tones.

Project Voltera powers Cortana, Microsoft personal assistant developed using project Oxford. The project will allow humans to interact with computers more naturally without the need of using a keyboard or a mouse.

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Features of Project Volterra

Project Volterra is a mini desktop PC that doesn’t come with ;

  • A keyboard
  • A trackpad
  • A display

Though the details concerning the PC are not out there yet, it is said that the PC will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that would help with its AI power. It will also have a dedicated neural processing unit which is hardly found on any PC. The neutral processing unit is mostly found in mobile phones and is used to help save on battery power. The neural processor will have world-class AI computing power which will be an added advantage to Windows developers.

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When it comes to ports, Project Volterra has multiple ports located on the left side. It features five USB ports, three of which are USB A ports while two of the ports are USB C ports located on the left side. It also has an ethernet and display ports that are found at the back of the device.

Project Volterra ports

The Mini desktop is made from recycled ocean plastic which will hopefully help to reduce its selling price when it will be officially launched to the market. It also has a stackable design that is useful for desktops and rack deployment. Developers will have a field day with this since they can combine two or more Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 chipsets together.

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When it comes to performance, Microsoft has revealed that the project Volterra will have an internal fan. This will help cool the SoC and automatically reduce the amount of energy used by the computer conserving its battery. This is different from other ARM devices which have a fanless design.

Pricing of Project Volterra

Microsoft has not offered any information when it comes to pricing, however, it is estimated to be under $1,000. Unlike other Windows-on-ARM devices that have been developed by Microsoft, Project Volterra is a mini developers Pc that doesn’t have a screen, keyboard, or trackpad.

Moreover, Project Voltera is made from ocean recycled plastic instead of a more premium material. With these two factors in mind, we hope that the price will slightly go down. However, this is just an estimation and we will have to wait for its official launch before getting the pricing details.

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The availability of Project Volterra on the market is also unknown. However, given that the product is developed by Microsoft, it’s likely the device will only be sold in the US during its launch. It is a trend that has been seen with other flagship projects so chances are high that Project Volterra will not be any different.

Advantages of project Volterra

Project Volterra is said to feature a best-in-class AI computing capacity and efficiency. The Qualcomm Snapdragon chip incorporated into the project is also ARM-based. This will enable developers to build and test native-ARM apps with tools such as;

  • Visual Studio,
  • VSCode,
  • Microsoft Office
  • Teams.

Moreover, Microsft said that the project will include Visual C++, Modern .NET 6 and Java, Classic .NET Framework, Windows Terminal, and WSL and WSA for running Linux and Android apps.

sample code  that can be run on project Volterra using visual  studio code
Image by Antonio Batinić from

It will also enable developers to explore AI scenarios with the help of Qualcomm’s new Neural Processing SnapDK for Windows toolkit

It has also been reported by Tech Crunch that Project Volterra is a forerunner to Microsoft’s “end-to-end” developer toolchain for Arm-native apps. The fact that the device is set to work hand in hand with Visual studio code gives developers more reason to be excited for the launch of Project Volterra. This means that there would be better flexibility and efficiency when developing AI applications.

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Remember this will be one of Microsoft’s first flagship arm projects that have Visual studio capabilities.

More information concerning the project is yet to be known. However, once we have extra info on the projects we will update the post so that you can be in the know concerning the project.

You could also watch this video prepared by Microsoft to announce the new project to the world.

Project Volterra introduction by Microsoft

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