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9 Reasons Gardening Is Healthy

Ever wondered why so many people have grown accustomed to gardening. It’s because of all the health benefits that come with gardening. Apart from gardening being a good source of food and giving one a picture-perfect compound, gardening can be beneficial to one’s health. Below are some of the reasons why gardening is healthy.

Why gardening is healthy

Here are the main reasons why gardening is quite important to a person.

1.Helps one to get Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that can be found in the sun. Why would you go and buy expensive multivitamins when you can just visit your garden and get the required vitamin. Gardening is a great way for you to go and catch the morning sun or the evening sun. You get to enjoy all the blessings that mother nature came with. A healthy dose of Vitamin D acquired from the sun can help you gain strong bones and teeth. This is because Vitamin D increases calcium levels in the body. Try gardening today and have some major health changes.

2.Gardening heps to lose calories

If you are not a fan of the gym, you could always try gardening. All that muscle movement, bending, and standing can be some sought of exercise. Picking a hoe and digging is the same as lifting a dumbbell. All those squats you get to do while planting your new seeds can help you build your thigh muscles. Also, have you ever noticed the amount of sweating that comes when one is gardening? All these body movements can help you lose all those calories you’ve wanted to say goodbye to. You do not have to spend so much going to the gym when you could go to the garden and achieve the same results.

3.Gardening helps one to stick to a healthy diet

You’ve been seeing people sticking to a healthy diet and wish that was you. How about you try gardening. Plant cauliflower and spinach in your garden. How about carrots and beetroot. There is so much you can plant in a garden that can help you stick to a healthy diet. Temptations to go and eat some fries and burgers will be hard to come by when the spinach in your garden is looking green and healthy. Plus food that is homegrown always tastes better since it’s been nurtured with love and care.

4.Gardening helps you connect with nature

When living in a world that’s so fast and tech-oriented, it’s always good to get away to connect with nature. I would have advised you to go hiking on trails and get to see the scenic views but that takes so much time and energy. So let’s stick to something more practical and cost-effective, gardening. With gardening, you don’t have to create a schedule and look for the time when you’ll be free. Just walk out to your home garden and get to smell nature. You can even have small plants in your kitchen that you get to see every day. There is no need to look for a lot of money to travel to a forest when you can create your little mini forest right at home

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5.Gardening is a good way to relieve stress

Ever felt like you were tired and overwhelmed and you just need a minute to process everything, try gardening. Gardening can act as a tool to get you out of that cocoon filled with myriads of thoughts. Let your mind escape to the beautiful flowers that are blooming and the green vegetation thriving in your garden. There is no reason for one to be worked up when you could take a few minutes in the garden and see how calm and happy you will end up becoming.

Gardening helps to release endorphins that help people feel a sense of comfort and calmness.

6.Gardening helps prevents heart related complications

Gardening is a good way to prevent heart-related complications, especially in older people. Gardening keeps one active and moving which helps with blood circulation in the body. Apart from all the healthy foods that are good for the heart being grown in gardens, gardening is a form of exercise and exercise is good for the heart.

7.Gardeing helps prevent back problems

Sitting around the house watching television will not help you with your already stiff back, gardening will. All that bending and rising can be a good form of exercise for your back. This will prevent you from having cramped muscles that are stiff and rigid. All the back movement involved in gardening reduces the chances of a person having a stiff back that rarely gets stretched.

8.Gardens can be used as therapeutic grounds for patients

Gardens have a way of improving the lives of people. Many hospitals and even hospices have invested in gardens that help their patients recuperate. Gardens make one feel safe, relieved, and less anxious making them get well sooner than expected. Gardens have been used for long as a means of therapy in hospitals and still continue to do their magic.

9.Good source of medication

Ever felt a cold coming and you were wondering how to deal with it, try the garlic in your garden. Gardening can help you grow herbs that are useful to treat a number of diseases. Garlic and ginger can be mixed to act as a good remedy for a cold while cabbage can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. Try gardening and see how many diseases you could cure without having to go to the pharmacy.



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