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15 Best Ways To Execute Yellow Eyeshadow Look. Step by Step Guide.

Yellow eyeshadow is not a new thing. It is as old as the rainbow, but we never want to give it a try. This color suits everyone and everyone can wear it. However, many of us do not know how to apply yellow eyeshadow. The yellow eyeshadow look gives you a fresh and youthful look especially in the summer when the sun comes out to play. The color is bold and attractive and can be worn in so many different ways. However, yellow is a color that can be hard to pull off, but if done right it can really bring out your natural beauty.

Yellow eyeshadow is the hottest trend right now. In case you’re looking for inspiration and don’t know where to start, we are here for you. In this article, we shall be looking at the 15 best ways to execute a yellow eyeshadow look. From simple yellow eyeshadow look to bold yellow eye makeup looks.

It’s important to have the right products and guidance when you’re trying a look like this, so we’ve compiled some of the best looks and our top tips to help you execute your perfect yellow eyeshadow look.

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15 Best ways to Execute Yellow Eyeshadow look.

1. Go for a Yellow Smokey Eye.

You can never go wrong with a smokey eye. A yellow smokey look uses two colors integrated together to give you an attractive finished look that is bold and beautiful. You could either mix the yellow eyeshadow with some dark shades such as black to give you the perfect smokey eye. However, colors like orange and red can also be used to create a somewhat sunset vibe with your eyeshadow. Top that up with a shimmery shiny yellow eyeshadow and you might be on the next invite list to the Grammy.

With this look, you could either go for some black cat eyeliner or some yellow eyeliner to really make your eyes pop.

For this look you will need:

  • Some matte yellow eyeshadow
  • Matte black eyeshadow
  • Bronze eyeshadow This will help you create the perfect transition from yellow to black.
  • Some shimmery golden eyeshadow
  • Either black or yellow eyeliner depending on how bold you want your eyes to be.
  • Some lashes to bring your eyes to life.

2. Try some Soft Yellow Eyeshadow.

If you do not want to be dramatic and Bold, then this is the eyeshadow for you. The eyeshadow doesn’t require you to have a lot of skills especially when it comes to applying makeup. You just need a soft yellow tone to match your skin tone and you’re good to go. If you have darker skin then something with a darker hue would be the perfect option. However, people with fairer skin can go for something that’s lighter and brighter. Lightly blend the color unto your eyelids and you’re good to go conquer the world.

If you’re in the mood for some eyeliner then you can add some black eyeliner to the bottom lash line with some nude lippies.

3. Go with a Dramatic Yellow Eyeshadow.

The best way to make a statement is either going bold or going home. And what better color to make a statement with if not yellow. You can settle on a neon color that speaks volumes about you. You should however ensure that the rest of your makeup is a bit toned down and minimal to make that sunny color pop and stand out.

4. Add a pop of sparkle

Shimmery and glittery yellow eyeshadow would be the perfect palette to create this look. You could start with a soft yellow shade before applying the shimmery eyeshadow on top. You also have the liberty to play with a few shades to make your eyes look stunning without looking too overpowering. Finish the look with some volumizing mascara and you’re home and dry.

5. Mellow Yellow

Are you big on being bold, well mellow yellow is the color for you. Moreover, you can extend the eyeshadow to act as both the eyeshadow and the eyeliner. Try using this technique with some cat liner to look fierce and slay it like a supermodel. The best thing about this type of eyeshadow is that you can use it with any skin tone and it won’t look like it’s out of place.

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6. Go for a mustard yellow eyeshadow.

It’s advised that you go for an oil-free foundation if you have settled on a mustard yellow eyeshadow. The foundation is preferred since it provides full coverage and limits the contrast that may arise between your skin and the mustard yellow eyeshadow.

If you have been looking for the perfect palette that will help with the mustard yellow look try this Docolor Eyeshadow Palette from Amazon.

With the mustard color, ensure that the base is light and warm then add a contouring shade of brown. You should also ensure that the undertone is a bit yellow so that it doesn’t offer such a huge contrast with the eyeshadow.

7. Blend the yellow eyeshadow with something neutral.

Neutral colors such as brown or gray are the perfect colors to blend with your yellow eyeshadow. These two colors limit the dramatic effect that might occur from using a yellow eye shadow. You could settle for yellow at the corners of your eyelids with brown or gray at the beginning.

Ensure that you prime your eyes with some yellow concealer to make your eyes pop and to make the eyeshadow to be more visible. If you do not have some yellow concealer do not be alarmed. You can just use your regular concealer and apply the yellow eyeshadow strategically on your eyelids.

8. Use darker shades of yellow if you’re attending a night event.

When it is hot and sunny, bright yellow might be a perfect choice. However, when the sun sets, a darker shade of yellow might do the trick. A brighter shade might look too bold, especially for a night event.

Colors like Flaxen, dijon and mustard may be the perfect addition to your night look. If you have been looking for the perfect dark yellow shade to help you with this look, you can try the Ellesy Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette from Amazon.

9. Go for Dark Outer Corner, Yellow Inner Corner.

Using a darker tone on the outside of your eyelid will not only lower your eyelids but also help to balance out the shape of your eyes. Balancing this with a yellow eyeshadow will create an attractive and youthful look to help your eyes be the star of the show.

This type of eyeshadow can be great for Prominent eyes with a thick eyeliner at the lash line.

10. Pair It With Pink EyeShadow For A Soft Look.

Who said that yellow can’t go with other colors such as pink or a dark shade of maroon. You could either place the yellow eyeshadow on the outer part of the eyelid or the inner part of the eyelid. Moreover, you have the option of carefully blending the two colors to create a deep hue. The yellow eyeshadow will brighten your eyes and allow for the pink to crease to a perfect contrast with yellow.

You could follow this Youtube tutorial to help you achieve this look.

11. Wear yellow eyeshadows on the inner lids only.

Who said that yellow has to be bold? Wearing a soft yellow eyeshadow is the perfect way to get a natural look with a color that most people don’t consider to be natural. Swipe a small amount of yellow eyeshadow on your inner lid with a small black liner on your lash line and you’re done.

Add on some natural-looking lip gloss that close to the color of your lips and you’re ready to slay the day.

12. Try a yellow Eyeshadow With A Pop Of Purple.

Mixing and matching pigmented colors is the best way to make a statement when you get into a room. What better way to do this than mixing purple and yellow to create a unique and elegant design that screams elegance. You could either go for a soft dark yellow with a shimmery purple or settle for some dark-toned purple with a bold yellow tone.

Whichever pair you choose, yellow and purple are definitely a match made in heaven and may make you the star of the show.

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13. Go for a metallic yellow with golden hues.

Ever felt like looking like a goddess and don’t know how to do it. Well, how about some metallic yellow eyeshadow. This type of yellow requires you to go full-on with your make-up. From the eyeliner to the eyelashes, everything has to stand out to compliment the bold eyeshadow. You could either go for the metallic yellow on the tip of your eyelids or go over the entire lid. Either way, the color is the perfect statement makeup look for an evening event.

14. Go for a pop of yellow under the brow

This eyeshadow duo is probably the most creative way to pair your neutral colors with yellow. Put the earthy tones on the lids and go for something bright and unique just under the brow. Ensure that you have contoured your eyelids with some brown concealer so that everything falls into place.

15. Apply yellow eyeshadow with yellow eyeliner.

Yellow eyeshadow with yellow eyeliner
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Pairing your yellow eyeshadow with the right yellow eyeliner is the best way to achieve a monochromatic eye makeup look. Go for two different shades so that they do not clash on the eyelid. You could either settle for a darker eyeshadow and a lighter eyeliner or vice versa. Apply eyeshadow over your eyelids before you can go in with a different colored eyeliner.

Who looks better with yellow tint makeup

Anyone can look good with yellow tint makeup depending on the tones they settle on and how they integrate it with the rest of the face makeup

What does it mean when makeup looks yellow?

It means that you probably have a warm skin tone

What to do when makeup looks yellow on the skin

Blend it with your concealer that’s a shade darker than the foundation you used.

What makeup looks best with a yellow dress

Select makeup that falls in the warm color family

What kind of makeup looks good with yellow

Neutral colors like brown and grey

Yellow eyeshadow looks good with what color eyes

Rich brown eyes

How to execute yellow eyeshadow.

Now let’s see about the best ways to execute the yellow eyeshadow look:

-Step 1: Take a primer and apply it to your eyelids. If you don’t have a primer then use concealer or a foundation. It gives you stay long as well as gives a smooth finish.

-Step 2: Apply yellow color to your eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. You can also use your finger if you don’t have an eyeshadow brush.

-Step 3: Now take the brown color and apply it to your crease with a blending brush. Blend it properly so that there will be no harsh lines.

-Step 4: Apply bronzer under your eyes and blend it well with a blending brush.

-Step 5: Apply a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye and below the brows with a pencil brush. It will give you a more attractive face look.

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You could try some of the eyeshadow looks we have listed above and tell us which one worked best for you.

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